Are We Ready For Some Football!

We are 40 minutes from kick off time . . . who are you rooting for? I’ve picked the Bears and not that they are my favorite team but because I had to pick a team to root for and well, I love teddy bears so there you go the Bears it is for me. Mike on the other hand, must be rooting for the opposing team as men seldom agree with women. So there it is . . . Mike and I will be head to head with this game, hope it’s a good one and may the Bears win! Whoo Hoo

What are we having for food, you ask? We are so American and we love every minute of it. Well first off Mike tried to make his spicy cheese dip ending with a very sad result. It looked like he was trying to make a football from the cheese, it was clumped into a big ball. So he calls me from my scrapbooking room, guess he thought my awesome cooking knowledge would save his cheese clump. Hmm . . . I thought for sure since I wasn’t watching over his cooking that he “must’ve” (wink) done something wrong because cheddar cheese always melts down. So okay Mike lets try a second batch and I’ll get it done right this time. Well folks, I must humbly admit that there was something wrong with that damn cheese as it did the same froggin thing to me. K, the band is playing now so it’s time to put the wings in the oven and get our fingers hot & spicy. LETS GO BEARS oh and I hope I hope that I win the football pool. Am I selfish? TeHeHe (surely I’m not but after all my shopping this weekend I could use the extra money.) Signing off my friends & may the best team win!

One Comment

  1. Can you believe that first touch down….I was so excited that my newly selected team scored a touch down so quick. My bouncing, screaming and clapping excited the dog so much he grabbed up his booda bird with thoughts that mommy was playing. So funny! Lets go Bears!



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