Ticki Tocki Ticki Tocki Hoy Hoy Hoy!

From Talmadge Family

We were joined by the Lehning’s at East Side Restaurant a great Connecticut based German restaurant.

From Talmadge Family

Each of us had a hefty liter plus of German Bier with the Ticki Tocki Ticki Tocki Hoy Hoy Hoy cheer delivered for every table served with one. Click on the player at the bottom to hear the cheer!

From Talmadge Family

Everyone in the restaurant wears a unique hat to keep the festive cheer alive.

From Talmadge Family
From Talmadge Family

The food was good, especially my fillet mignon that I topped off with a chocolate cream pie! It was a good time and we will be returning soon.

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