Love & Luck Summer Fun

Love & Luck Summer Fun

Hey guys, I haven’t posted since emmm . . . the superbowl. So I thought I’d show my latest scrapbook layout of our beloved summer home on the water. The layout features . . . that’s right our boat and the smaller gallery pictures feature the captain, first mate and the ruff ruff. Yes, the dog LOVES to go to the boat. However, when the boat starts moving he wishes he’d stayed on land. Our land lubber furry friend. For real though, he gets extremely stressed and has seizures as a result of it. So needless to say we must go slow with him aboard and stay in calm waters. And the few times we take long trips out into the bigger waters, he must stay home with the house sitter. He gets very upset on those occasions we leave the house with coolers in hand because he knows exactly where we’re going (just because of the coolers). Oh my God dogs are so smart! But he is with us 95% of the time and that is good enough for him, he told me so:-)

If you’re like Mike and are wondering why my layout has a plane, bicycle and car. It’s a subtle way of saying we’d take any form of transportation to get to our summer home. Even though we’re two miles from the marina, it’s the idea and I love how it looks on paper. Ok, so in case you were wondering who the captain of the boat is . . . that is me. Oh ooops, I mean Mike is the Captain and I’m the ever learning new captain rules first mate. Just kidding, the captain is pretty good. This is his wonder land and I’m just a squirrel looking for a nut. Where does that saying come from? Can’t recall but it sounds right . . . anyhoo. Mikey rules the boat and I rule the house on land. It’s the way of the world folks or at least that’s how it works for us.

The boat owns our time during the weee New England boating season of April – September. We’ve had many of good times over the years and yet more to come. We’re on the prowl for an authentic sombrero for Margarita days on the boat. Send us a link if you know where we can purchase one. Until then Love and Luck over and out.

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