Moving Lower Housatonic Sludge UP RIVER?

That is right. “Apparently” State Officials quickly and quietly approved dumping of highly questionable contaminated sludge UP A RIVER! We all know the direction a river flows and our officials obviously don’t. (I thought they work for us)

Housatonic Dump1

Tonight I attended the first meeting of “Friends of the Housatonic River” with more than 50 people showing up to show support for our “improving” river. The unannounced dumping schedule in the last weeks has started in Shelton just a few hundred feet up river from where I keep my boat. Many people stressed their concerns of this dumping with many valid points stretching from fishing, boating, pollution, nearby schooling, well drinking water, and many others.

Housatonic Dump2This secrecy is what has us up at arms the most. This seems to be deliberately fast and quiet, mainly because this is so obviously wrong to move such material to an area that has struggled in the past but now thriving in every environmental way.

I have to believe the key questions to all of this is: If this material were to be brought on land could it be placed anywhere? If so lets do that, I am sure we can spread in out somewhere where people would gladly take it, no? If not the then it MUST NOT BE CLEAN, well then does moving from one place to another concerned place make sense? Lastly, since when has the Housatonic River become a dumping ground? I don’t think this is something the DEP should start allowing regardless if the fill is clean or not, do you?

Does this look like a dumping ground?


Directly across from a boat ramp that does not have enough depth to launch a boat now!

More on this: Zwire | New Haven Register | Connecticut Post


  1. Where is the injunction to get this stopped ???? It is the 19th already, in another few weeks the whole thing will be a done deal and all the meetings and complaints will have been for nought !!!!!



  2. As the webmaster for I find it very ironic how an IP address ( from TYCO in Mansfield MA has voted in our poll against the stopping of the dumping. You really need to be careful on the net.

    TYCO has been accused of dumping



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