A Childhood Favorite “PIZZA HUT”

Can I just say “OMG . . . I LOOOOVE THIS PIZZA!” My most favorite is the Supreme . . . Oh man I soooo wish we had a Pizza Hut close to our home. I’d seriously have a pizza addiction if we did so it’s probably a good thing that there isn’t one closer. I’m not entirely sure why the fetish, there’s nothing fancy about it and it’s not overly pricey. I think it has alot to do with my father taking us kids out for dinner and most times it would be to Pizza Hut, probably got a good bang for his buck there. LOL! Feeding 4 kids and in later years it was 6 kids so one had to stretch the dollar right . . . good grief, can you imagine . . . i sure can’t! So is it the memory of actually going out for dinner as a kid, we didn’t do it very often and I remember being ecstatically thrilled each time we had a dinner out. Or is it the fantabulous taste of the supreme toppings ontop of the crunchy greasy crust? Or perhaps it’s that they offer plain O iced tea (no sugar in it) love that too. I admit that it’s all of those reasons and will always have a humble love toward the pizza under the hut . . . ememem.

I decided to write about this pizza fetish because I tend to forget some of the good things and this was one of them. I was reminded of this fetish recently when Mike and I ventured up to Winsted to sign the paperwork for his new motorcycle (you remember reading that post as well right?) well, it was a work night and we needed to eat. So we pulled out the GPS and punched in restaurants to get a gander at was available on our trail back home. “OMG”, I said to Mike “THEY HAVE A PIZZA HUT!!!”. Pure joy and excitement all over my face. “CAN WE PWEEEAAAASE?” And you know Mike hardly ever tells me NO so there ya go, I punched in Pizza Hut (glee all over my face and my feet were swinging back and forth like a kid) and the GPS had us on our way to the great Pizza Land. I think they’re all decorated the same and have the same carpet, tables and curtains from when I was a kid. It was like stepping back in time, a little strange and a bit unsettling but we still ate there. They even still have the paper place mats that when turned over there are mazes and puzzles for kids. “HEY, DOES ANYONE HAVE A PEN OR HEY MISS WAITRESS, MAY I HAVE A CRAYON AND PLEASE MAKE IT A RED ONE?” LOVED this place and all it stood for, the pure simplicity of this restaraunt is humbling. Eeeeeennnny way . . . definately a nice memory and my craving for this pizza remains very active 20 plus years later. Isn’t that sumpton. 🙂

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