It is somewhat a sad day, but also a very positive one.

Back in the summer of 2004 I purchased this Vento Triton R4 Scooter after collecting on an insurance claim (it covered the cost because I repaired the damaged truck myself). After driving this scooter almost every day I could, and when weather permitted, it soon starting getting darker early in the day as the calendar year progressed. Along the year I found many other upgrades during my internet searches for this scooter, so of course I did these upgrades. The searches however fell short in finding a better and brighter headlight so that I could see easier at night. It seems Vento really missed the mark on the brightness of the headlight and nothing could be had anywhere to improve this headlight. I quickly realized that I would have to develop my own plan for this problem, so off I went. I created a very low cost but 30% brighter headlight and tail / brake light kit. The only draw back was I had to purchase parts for this kit in very high quantities. Needless to say I made these high quantity purchases while also thinking I could just sell them over time knowing that I had a few connections on scooter web forums that could be an outlet to sell them. I created the very simple html web page with a Paypal buy now button, to my amazement I could not believe how well they sold. In the first two months I sold all the initial kits, so I ordered another round of kits and to this day we still sell them.

This is how the THOUGHT OUT…Company was initially started.

So today is somewhat a sad day, it is time for the scooter to go, but also a very positive one with all that this little yellow scooter has brought to me.

The listing

2004 Vento Triton R4 Scooter

Remote Start – 55-60 MPH -Alarm System

ebay # 320236595780

In Connecticut this scooter technically does not require registration. Even though this scooter was purchased and titled with a 49cc engine, to our surprise during the many upgrades listed below we found this model was built with the quality 100cc Yamaha engine from the factory. Driving as a fair day scooter, it is very clean. Extremely fast +55-60 MPH. Only Amsoil synthetic oil used for oil tank and transmission. mileage 1387. Includes all the non stock upgrades plus a custom cover and a matching full face helmet, unused (with cover)

Non stock upgrades included:
Tecnigas Next R exhaust with custom NICKEL plate.
Malossi MultiVar Variator
Rollers for Higher RPM range and clutch engagement
Heavier Clutch Spring
Kevlar Transmission Belt
19mm Arreche Carburetor
Delerator Air Cleaner
Malossi Carbon fiber reed valve
NGK Spark Plug (with new extra)
All of above parts can be found at (Web Link)
Custom Highly audible turn signal alarm
Light kit upgrade by THOUGHT OUT…Co. (This scooter is the company development model as shown on the web site)
Spare parts and many original parts included

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Stock Specifications:

Piston Displacement: 100cc 2 stroke (purchased and titled as 49 c.c.)
Max. Power: 4.9 HP / 7000 rpm More like 10-12hp with the 100cc and the upgrades
Starting System: Electric / Kick Start
Ignition: CDI
Fuel Capacity: 6.5 liters
Gear Shifting: Automatic
Dimensions: 74″ x 27 ” x 45″
Wheelbase: 45″
Seat Height: 32″
Dry Weight: 246 lbs
Suspension: Front Dual Shock,
Front Brake: ABS Disc
Rear Brake: Disk
Front Tire: 12″ Racing Type
Rear Tire : 120/70-12
Rims: Sport Aluminum
Exhaust: Silverstone Italian
Instrument Panel: Indigo Glow Back Light

Additional stock features:
keyed ignition,
locking steering wheel,
locking storage under
the seat.

Price comparison here

We will NOT organize delivery (drive scooter) more than 5 miles from 06484 zip code, otherwise customer must pick up.

Vehicle sold AS IS

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