Ha Choo

Mike and I were in the car on our way back home from dinner out.  We’re driving in the direction of the sun right in our eyes and this is how the conversation went from there.

Mike:  Thanks to the sun I’ve got to sneeze.

Mike:  HA CHOO

Me:  Bless you

Me:  Why did you thank the sun?

Mike:  Cuz it makes me sneeze, doesn’t it you?

Me:  Ahhhh . . . no dear, it’s just you.

Mike:  It makes my nose hairs stand on end which makes me sneeze

Me:  rolling eyes at strange husband

This picture of him cracks me up!  I was snapping pictures away just practicing for my class and I guess he got tired of the camera on him so he turns to me and makes that bugg-eyed face.  Weirdo!

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