Pampered Chef Party

Pampered Chef

I’m hosting my first Pampered Chef party and it’s online.  How awesome is that to have the opportunity to purchase great kitchen supplies right from the comfort of your own home.  It’s quick and easy.

I’ve posted a picture of all the items I purchased from Pampered Chef in July of this year and here’s a little bit about each of them.  Mike and I have searched and used several hard cheese graters and haven’t found anything we liked until the Deluxe Cheese Grater came into our lives and is one of my favorites!  I was jumping with joy to learn they carry a product that will make my Walnut Christmas cookie making a breeze and it’s with their Mini-Tart Shaper.  OMG!!!! I can’t believe how much time this inexpensive extremely handy tool is going to make my life this winter WAHOOO!!!  I’ve also heard so many good things about Pampered Chef’s Stoneware so of course I had to get my very first pizza stone.  LOVE THIS ITEM TOO!!!  Not even sure how I survived pizza making without it.  And the Measure-All Cup is just fantastic especially for measuring ewwy gooey things like peanut butter.  It’s so easy and clean with this cup.  The pinch bowl set I earned free and really like having them.  Especially since fall/winter is almost here.  I do alot of crockpot cooking (you know night before work prepping of food) and these bowls work very nicely for this.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions about any item Pampered Chef carries please let me know.  I’d really love for you to give one of their items a try . . . I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.  Party closes Saturday, September 20th.

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  1. I love you blog and you and Mike are so cute! Rick uses his blog for our updates in case you are ever wondering what is going on with is there 🙂 Take Care—Kelley



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