Pumpkin Patch @ Wells Hollow

OMG! Do puppie dogs get any cuter than this furrie baby? Personally, I don’t think so but surely I’m biased. So I really wanted to go to Jones Family Farm for our pumpkin picking this year but they don’t allow cute furry puppie dogs. Sounds like descrimination to me . . . HA! So we decided to go back to the farm we used last year (Wells Hollow) which was far more convenient anyhow being 2 miles from home and no unruley, screaming, cranky 2-legged children which is what we would’ve gotten at Jones Family Farm. I’ve decided that the BIG farms are over-rated mostly because our puppie isn’t allowed to experience them. We’ll see if I feel different with our 2-legged children. Anywhow, love this little family farm where we found this years perfect pumpkin. Mike said he wanted a tall skinny pumpkin this year so I pick one out and he says “that one? that’s huge and MUST cost alot of money!”. WHAT? This is a man having NO problem with top of the line Apple computers but a big expensive pumpkin???? Watch out bank account we’re about to purchase a pumpkin LOL.

So this is the picture taken a couple years ago when we unknowingly WENT to the big farm where they don’t allow our baby. Isn’t that sad? Scottie had to stay inside the car watching mommie pick his pumpkin. Sniff Sniff

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