Another Boating Season Closes

This past Saturday our summer home on the water was put on land for her winter hibernation.  She’s already shrink wrapped (her winter blanket) and Mike has completed most if not all of the winterization.  He did a perfect job of getting her up on the hydraulic trailer.

So taking the boat out of the water in the fall and putting her back in the spring are always big events for the Talmadge Family, even Poppa Smurf is around for both events.  Although he’s always around as he’s part of what us “younger generation” call the “GW” otherwise known as the geriatric ward.  This “ward” is a tent at the marina where all the established men and sometimes women sit and let their views on the world and life be heard.  And boy does the air sometimes get thick at the GW . . . shoe wee watch out.  Republicans welcome without invitation, democrats by invitation only.  HA!

Poppa Smurf to the left making sure all looks well

Another member of the “GW” . . . Charlie and that’s Mark blurred out in the background.  He can also be found in the “GW” on any given day.

And lastly, the boat is out of the water and on it’s way to it’s winter dry dock.  Yep, that’s my very own Mikey on the swim platform.

Until Spring 2009, Love & Luck over and out.

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