A Girls Day of Christmas Ornament Making

I spent the day yesterday with two of my most favorite people in this whole wide world, my sister Bridget and my niece Isabella.  Bridget and I started our felt Christmas Ornaments.  Here’s what the finished project looks like . . . aren’t they the sweetest little things?  Well with exception of Isabella.  If you want to make your very own ornaments, kit’s may be purchased at this lovely bloggie website Rosy Little Things.  She has the sweetest kits, patterns, her very own book(s), recommendations on tons of things, oh and some really great recipes.

It was really nice to have a girls day, Isabella was in her jammies all day and was so well behaved.  Bridget looked so comfie in her blue jean overalls and reminded me that we really can still wear them.  I’ve had mine sitting aside hesitant to wear them for the last couple years for fear someone would think I’m a farmer or something.

She tells me that she’d of styled her hair had she known I was going to take pictures.  But don’t I always have the camera?  🙂  I think your boot-e-ful Bi-Get!  On the other hand your lazy daisy stitch isn’t so boot-e-ful LOL!

Now this is a girl starting photography early.  Wish I was provided that luxury at 4 years old.  I LOVE that she loves taking pictures.  She’ll surpass me at some point I’m sure, she’s a genious in the making.

And last but not least Isabella’s baby kitty kat, Pocko.  Pocko has her very own blankie and pillow made from kleenex.

Thank you Bridget and Isabella for making an orndinary day super special!  I love you both more than words can say.

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