The Poop Factory is Fully Staffed Again

PREFACE:  Just an insight to the making of the title.  Way back in time when I was a little girl before I knew anything about how our bodies worked, I thought there were little people inside our bodies that made everything function.  HA!  Isn’t that something how a young child’s brain thinks before learning.  So to this day when the southern most part of your body (GI things) isn’t functioning the way it’s suppose to I’ll say that the poop factory is under staffed therefore things aren’t as they are suppose to be (if you get my drift).

SO THE PRESENT TIME STORY:  Scottie’s had diarrhea intermittently for 2 1/2 weeks (probably longer).  During this time frame we took him off his regular diet and fed him like a king (brown rice, broth and lean beef or chicken).  He LOVES this part of being sick and gobbles it right down.  Well, his poops would start looking real good and just when we thought he was almost 100% he’d regress.  Poor thing was so ill that he couldn’t hold it to go outside, what a mess!

Well last friday off to the doctor we went with baggie of poops in hand.  Scottie loves the veterinary’s office!  There are sooo many furry creatures just like him and wants to be friends with them all.  So the list of ALL the med’s given to have the poop factory fully staffed again:

Injection #1 Penicillin-antibiotic       “ouch”

Injection #2 Dexamethasone -for intestinal inflammation. “ouch again…stop sticking me, can’t we be friends, rrf rrf?”

Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Tab (horse pills but he ate them like a treat)

Metronidazole Tabs (an antimicrobial substance)

Drontal Plus (a dewormer)

Wow, isn’t that alot of medication for one little guy?  I thought it was and the dewormer?  Get out there’s no way OUR dog has worms not Scottie.  But I guess even the best kept and well-taken care of pets can encounter worms.  So there it is, the list of five med’s that opened the factory doors back up allowing a full staff of workers to get things back in order.  Poopville hasn’t looked this good in I don’t know how long.  Thank goodness!

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