Is It Bob’s or Barbara’s?

It’s that time of year again . . . Christmas card planning which involves a family picture for us (me, Mike and Scottie Buddy Boy).  Can’t forget the furry baby, he’s part of the festive experience.  So off we went to pick up a new shirt for Mike cause ya know he has to match what I’ve chosen to wear.  So he decides that Bob’s would be a good place to start and who am I to complain, I’ve got him in the car actually going to pick this new shirt out.  So Bob’s it is, here we come.

I never really thought about the name of the store and that it might imply they catter more to the male species.  I mean they’ve got a little bit for us females but nothing like they have for our counterparts.  As we make our way to the back of the store I notice they’ve got all this hunting clothing (you know like Carharts & Dickies).  I’ve catagorized the make of gear as hunting due to growing up in upstate New York where almost all the men hunted and always wore Carhart clothing.  So I finally say to Mike “you know this store has so much stuff for men and very little for women”.  He proceeds to say “well, it IS Bob’s NOT Barbara’s”.  HA!!!  Funny little man came out with a good analogy of which I had to share with all of you.  Thanks for reading.

Because I love pictures so much and don’t like posting without one here’s one I pulled from the Fall this year.  Mike and his dad impatiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures while at the Bethlehem Fair.  See the impatience on Mike’s face?  I’m surprised my father in law didn’t have his tongue sticking out at me.  See what I have to deal with . . . like father like son.  HA!

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