24 Degrees & Fido Fleece

Who’d of thought we’d have January weather in November?  Then I remember “oh yeah, we live in New England so there’s no telling what weather is in store for us” which is one of the many reasons I call the northeast home and have no interest in living anywhere else.  So this was Scottie’s year for a new winter jacket or as the dog’s call em “Fido Fleece” and we found the perfect one for him.  It screamed Scottie Buddy Boy, it’s adorbaly cute, soft & warm.  Scottie and I excitedly made our purchase and dashed home to show Mike (dad) our great find only to be confronted with a response that went something like this “it’s alright, I don’t like the shade of blue”.  Well ba hum bug . . . we adore it and will wear it with furry pride.

On this 24 degree day with a wind chill factor of gosh must’ve been 10 degrees Scottie happily put on his bran new fido fleece and off we went to run errands.  He instantly did his business as usual but was then perplexed at why his crazy mother has decided to stand in the freezing cold taking pictures.  “Lets go mom, I’m freezing”.

His ears were flapping in the wind . . . LOL!

“Aaaaa . . . thanks mom for putting me into the warm car, now you get in here . . . lets go!”

Fido fleece is our favorite dog jacket of choice on the market today.  Although Scottie has his routine of reactions when we put his jacket on and it goes like this.  He’s very agreeable when putting his two front paws into the jacket but when we go to attach the velcro down his back, he goes nutz trying to bite and pull on it.  I think it’s cuz he’s crazy happy to be going bye bye and is showing his gratitude.  Funny little guy!

One Comment

  1. I think the Fido fleece is nice and my exact words were “if Scottie was our human son I would have pulled rank with it NOT being boyish enough”. Scottie does tend to walk both sides of the fence so I will let this slide. (Is that politically correct?)



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