Happy Thanksgiving!

I was awakened as normal on a day off at 5:30 AM by our furry baby pawing me at the bedside.  It’s his new thing lately asking me to please help him up into the bed so he can cuddle.  He isn’t so good with jumping up into the bed these days.  So up he went and we were off to cuddle land and I let out a great big “gooble gooble” as I always do on Turkey Day.  I was then reminded of one of the greatest things I’m thankful for.  It’s the unconditional sweet love that Scottie gives us every second of his life.  I’m also thankful for my husband who is the greatest man in this entire universe and also our friends and family.  Without the relationships we have life wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is.  And isn’t it true that the things we are most thankful for are the things we work hardest at?  So with that statement I’m thankful for the business Mike has developed and is taking off like no ones business.

Anywho . . . a few pictures of our furry babies and their attitudes this morning . . .

These two faught all morning.  Pele (the black kitty) will sit and just look at Wilbur which causes growling.  Had to keep seperating the two of them and reminded them they’re lucky their not turkeys!

This one kept howling at the back door.  Guess she wanted a turkey hunt outside . . .

And this one . . . he laid around the kitchen floor while I prepared some food to take to dad’s for dinner.  Love when he lays like this . . . By the way, we’re getting new flooring for the kitchen.  Wouldn’t you agree it’s about time?  HA!

So now we’re off to my father-in-law’s for dinner.  I’ve been assigned to the mashed potatoes this year.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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