Sparkly Christmas Wreath Tutorial & a Birthday Party

A sparkly ornamental wreath tutorial just in time for Christmas.  If I don’t make it this year, I’ll surely make it in the future so to the tutorial archives this link goes for me.  Can you imagine the sparkly pretty things that can be added . . . oh my

And a great big Happy Birthday #5 to Miss Isabella who celebrated with nine of her little friends at Great Escape today.  Wow, what an experience . . . I’m thinking my sister does not want me to have a child by allowing me into places such as this.  LOL!!!

This was at time of arrival when all the children were sweet smelling and extremely excited!

See how busy it started to become.  All the children were tagged like heards of animals and had to leave their shoes with the hearding staff.  Picture is a bit blurry but you get the idea.

Look at her looking at Leium (I know I’ve misspelled this little guys name).  He was quite the little entertainer as you can see by the sweet smile on Bella’s face.  It appears he’s covered his eye with a purple cup and she apparently thought this was funny.

Like monkeys in cages . . .

And yes Isabella I felt the same exact way at the end of this party . . . HA!

While I joke I’m truly blessed and entirely greatful to be a part of Isabella growing up.  Happy 5th birthday cutie pie!

Great Big Hugs & Kisses From

Aunt Brandi & Uncle Mike

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