In the spirit of giving “A Free Giveaway”

Attention all friends and family . . . In the spirit of Christmas Talmadge House presents a giveaway of an advent calander handmade by me.  You can tuck the calendar into one of your Christmas displays or lean up against something on your desk.  I borrowed the idea from Jenni Bowlin who designs and sells all things pretty.  Isn’t that picture of the children and santa vintagy?  It’s circa 1940’s of my Uncle David, Uncle Gary and Aunt Ruth.  My Aunt Alicia and my mom call Mr Santa “The Sexy Santa”.  I think they’re right . . . our santa’s today don’t look like this one.  Although if you look at his eyes and the grip he has on my aunt he looks a bit scared.  I’m thinking my uncles bribed him for whatever it was they wanted for Christmas and told him they’d give him up if he didn’t make it happen (little devils).

So there’s only one so only person can win and here’s what you need to do to qualify.  You must subscribe to our blog (Talmadge House) which is very easy and I’ll describe in a minute.  The second thing you must do is leave a comment telling us one of your families Christmas Traditions.  Don’t have a tradition then tell us your favorite Christmas movie.  Comment section is at the end of this post.  If you’ve already subscribed then all you have to do is leave a comment as noted above.

Alrighty then . . . so onto those needing help subscribing to our blog.  Look to the top right of this post and you’ll see a red square with a gold door knob (this is actually our front door of which you’ll see on all of our pages . . . you can click on it and it will take you back to the home page otherwise known as the front door, clever huh?)  OK so right below our red door is a field where you enter your email address and then select the “subscribe” button.  You will receive an email (from confirmations @ emailenfuego .com) asking if you really want to subscribe to Talmadge House’s Blog. You will need to click on the link listed in this message to activate your subscription. By subscribing you will automatically receive an email from us when we post a new blog entry.  Isn’t that awesome!  You only have to visit us when we send you an “invitation” via your email.  Of course you can visit any other time as you’re always welcome.

OK you guys listen up . . . we will know who does and does not subscribe and you can only qualify for this advent calander by subscribing and leaving a comment as noted above.  By the way, our blog is for fun and so that you can keep up with our daily lives (that’s if you want to see us and read about us) and we do not give away your email address.  We will draw a random name on Wednesday 12/17/08 9PM eastern time and will post the winners name the same night.  We will mail the advent calendar to you . . . of course we’ll pay for the shipping . . . it IS a giveaway right?  It would warm our hearts and we’ll even do the sugar plum fairy dance if we have all of you sign up.

And a picture of the baby who we took for a walk at the marina this weekend.  Had to check on the boat to make sure all was well.  Look how little Scottie is compared to the boat . . . or maybe our boat is a big girl?  Scottie was right at home though, he LOVES the marina!  His spirit was lighter after this visit, it has been awhile.  He’s so used to going there pretty much every day from April – October.

Oh wow . . . this is a lengthy post hope you don’t mind.  I promised my girlfriend Latonya that I’d post pictures of my vintage finds from last week so here they are.

My most favorite is this vintage fan that has the original cord and yes it really works.  FABULOUS find!

And an apothecary jar for my peroxide (2nd jar from the left).  Love these containers, they dress up your bathroom.

And these door knobs made into knobs that can be added to a shelf to hang all things pretty from.  These are from Belgium.  I asked Santa (Mike) to make me a custom shelf for my studio of which we’ll add these knobs to.  Yippee!


  1. Love the calendar! Jeremy and I have a couple of Christmas traditions, one of which is to spend Christmas Eve with Brandi and Mike! A new event that we tried this year and hope to make a tradition was decorating our Christmas tree with all of our family that came to Thanksgiving dinner. It was so much fun!



  2. hi guys
    this is a great idea. very festive…..a guzowski christmas tradition is on thanksgiving weekend to pack up the brood…including luli (maggies new nickname) and head up to Jones. we hike to the south pole…find a tree at least 10-13 feet and the boys cut it down….luli and the boys get it down the mountain….and to the guzowski home….en route home we always stop at Beardsley cider mill and get a pie. now…i plan ahead and leave the “air-vac turkey” roasting….so when we get home the house smells so gooooooooooood…..we eat turkey, decorate the tree, eat pie and that is our kickoff to the holiday season… is just bliss……….



  3. Merry Christmas Talmadge Family…I so feel like a part of the Family…Brandi…I’m moving in…lol…just kidding Mike…anywho…I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog…Brandi…I know that this is a Christmas give away…so I will get right to the point…I have slipped away from the Christmas traditions…but I’m about to be a grandmother (Mi’Ma) and starting this Christmas our tradition begins with a Birthday Party for Jesus…cake and singing Happy Birthday Jesus…making sure the real meaning will always be remembered…and #2 which is probably #1…you are such an inspiration…May your light always shine bright!!!



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