We Say Merry Christmas, What Say You…

We Say Merry Christmas Thanks to the Factor we are sporting this bumper sticker, We Say Merry Christmas. When we saw this bumper sticker was given out with the purchase of “Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity” Bill O’Rielly’s new book we had to have it, and the book is great too.

It really amazes me how many groups, organizations, governments and PEOPLE are so intimidated to wish someone their good beliefs, especially Christmas.  This country is built on around this belief, do some people not know this?

If someone wishes upon me their good beliefs I am okay with that and thank you for your good wishes, but I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS.

What Say You?

One Comment

  1. Amen to that! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. I have a busy day ahead finalizing decking my halls and the list of good eats for Christmas Eve.



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