Santa Really Does Deliver!

Remember a couple posts ago I mentioned the three glass door knobs I purchased and asked that Santa (Mikey) build a custom shelf for my studio?  Well Santa really does deliver . . . he built it especially for me and look the three glass door knobs are on the shelf . . . isn’t she sooooooo pretty?  I can put so many of my pretty things on her . . . she and my “old stuff” in the studio are becoming acquainted.  Me and my “old stuff” are still deciding who will get to sit on the newbie shelf in the studio.

Another view of the newbie shelf and a larger view of the studio.  Like my new paint color?  It’s called Svelte Sage and is direct from Sherwin Williams.  I am totally in love with the color!

And because Santa was so kind to have taken alot of his time to build me this customized shelf I thought a nice homemade meal was in order.  My homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs (all from scratch) . . . Santa was very quite through dinner which means he & his jolly belly were very happy!  Hope Santa was good to you this year too . . . Good Night 🙂

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