365 Picture Challenge ~ 2009

Calling all peeps who love photography, improving photography skills or just pictures in general (you’re getting my drift right?).  I was brought to the challenge of joining this endeavor by Sweet Jessie to take and upload one picture per day for the entire year of 2009 and share them over on my Flickr. I’ve been good so far but am not promising that I will have a picture every single day but my OCD personality will certainly give it my best.

I’m excited to continue working on my photography skills.  I’ve definately grown in this arena but have oh so far to go.  I’d love it if you followed me and the originator of this endeavor and her readers.  And if you’re feeling real energetic please join us, we’d love to see your pics.  Let me know what your Flickr link is so we can follow you along too.

And for good measure I must include a picture with my post otherwise it feels off balance.  You know like a pile of papers that hasn’t been perfectly aligned and straightened out (drives me nutz) ~ insert OCD grin.

Mike down on Canal Street (Shelton, CT) checking out the old factory buildings.  May see factory buildings at my flickr.

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