Apple Freaks!

HA!  Ya’ll know how much Apple people do love their “Apple Products” right?  et hem (that’s how i spell the clearing of my throat) . . . Apple freaks do exist in this house and we received another Mac Toy today.

MacBook 2.4GHz 4GB RAM, 250GB

What’s up with all that jargon anyways?  Couldn’t the tech industry define their hard-drive size by comparing it to lets say an eight cylinder engine?  It’d make more sense to me if they did.

I now know our UPS man thinks I’m a total freak!  “Hey mister UPS man can you strike a pose?”  HA . . . as if it were bad enough to ask him for one picture I made him strike a pose for a second just to ensure I got a good shot.  As if this man doesn’t have a delivery schedule!  He gave me permission to post his picture here but not before seeing it first.  I’m serious . . . he asked to see the pictures.

And here are the real Apple Freaks . . . and this gives ya’ll another view of my studio.  You’ll eventually get to see the entire thing.  (cheesy grin)

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