I’m Baaaack!

To the gym that is!

Well, today I got my tush to the gym to restart my workout for sunnier days that lay ahead of us all.  So here I’m thinking the last time I went to the gym was ya know like the end of November.  So I ask the guy behind the counter “hey when was the last time I swiped in to work out?”  “Oct 27th” WHAT?  Oh man I’m 4 weeks further behind than originally thought.

Decided to weigh myself before the workout and OOOOO GOOD GRIEF (major eye rolling as I stepped off the scale). . . yeah well lets just say I’ll never say how much but I’ll say that I’m on a strict mission to lose 12 – 15 lbs to be where I was the beginning of this past summer.  How the heck did that happen? ~ guess the extra glasses of Bailey’s on the rocks, the Lindor Truffles and the fall/winter foods haven’t helped.  Why can’t we have the all the yummy things and not be affected?  ALRIGHTY THEN I’ll stop complaining and get onto showing ya’ll where I work out.

Planet Fitness in Shelton is located within the “Rinks of Shelton Sports Center” which has it’s perks of which I’ll show you in a second.

This is the view I have during my cardio work-out.  Isn’t that so cool . . . I always have my ear buds in listening to my music so I don’t watch the TV on the machine . . . so to watch all the ice skaters or a ice hockey game is just the inspiration needed.

And just an inside view of the gym.  It’s a very clean & friendly gym.  I just re-signed for another year for $105.00 . . . yes that’s for the entire year!  Unbelievable price really though.  I won’t even post how much I was paying prior to last year at my prior (meat-market) gym.

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