Answered Prayers!

Wilbur, our 16 year-old kitty kat fell ill last week and we were afraid this was the beginning of the end for her.  We admitted her to the hospital on Monday February 23 where she received an IV for re-hydration and a multitude of injections ranging from vitamin B-12 to antibiotics to fight off the kidney infection she had.  Due to her age her immunity was unable to fight off the infection of which started to take over.  At the time of admission she hadn’t eaten or drank in three days which is long for a small animal.  The mere smell of food made this poor thing regurgitate and it had reached a stage where bile had entered her little belly.

Sorry for the less than desirable details, I’ll spare you any further details with exception of the good news we now have to share.  After three days in-patient she is back home with us with perky spirits, drinking water again and is slowly improving with eating food.  She’s resting a lot and is limping on her back leg which we contribute to arthritis due to age.  We’ve purchased a product to help her feel better with that ailment as well.  Will try it out once she’s 100% recovered.

So while she was hospitalized I’d go over daily to feed and spend time with her to try and keep her spirits up.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her in her hospital bed of which consisted of one mauroon litter box filled with oh so scratchy litter.  Indeed a comfortable bed don’t cha’s think?  HA!  On her 2nd night I left her own bed from home of which I found her sleeping on the very next morning.  That made me feel that she liked the smell and reminder of home.  Love you Woobie (my little pony) and we’re so glad you’re feeling better.

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