10 Things I Must Do Soon or I’m Quitting Life!

1.    Scrapbook for fun

2.    Finish my photography class

3.    Paint my living room

4.    Get a new hair clip (a pretty one)

5.    Pick out & purchase a camera bag

6.    Finalize the offer on our perspective new home (ugh how agonizing . . . I have hives from the process)

7.    Get a pedicure

8.    Learn more about Photoshop Elements and use it!

9.    Hang my Ikea organizational unit (Help me Mikey pweese)

10.  Make a new Scottie Buddy Boy Dog Collar

Another rainy day today therefore I changed back into my PJ’s after we had lunch out.  Took a nap and now hanging out in my studio further educating myself on white balance.  This is where the pic above comes into play and I think I nailed the white balance on it . . . YES/NO?

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