Puppy Love & Forgotten Birthday

Last Wednesday was my 37th birthday and I was lucky enough to have Mike take some pictures of me and my fluffy bundle of puppy love.  I adore this picture out of all the ones he took.  It’s a true depiction of how much he loves me and I love him.  He’s the best dog and friend anyone could ask for with his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes.  They and his big curly haired ears melt my heart . . . most of the time anyways :).

I figured I’d mark my birthday this year as it was the first year ever that most of the vital people in my life forgot about me.  And when I say “vital people” I’m talking my husband, my sister, my best friend . . . so ya’ll see what I’m talking about right?  I’m thinking I have a free pass with all of them.  What are the chances they’d all forget the same exact year?  LOL . . . listen I can laugh now but I was feeling pretty cruddy the day of my birthday though.  Oh well . . . I’ve earned free passes.


  1. I really felt bad that I did not make my normal tradition, it goes like this: I normally wake up on Brandi’s birthday with a FROSTY like yell “HAPPYYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!” then following that with the iTunes selection of “You Say It’s Your Birthday” by the Beatles screaming through the house. I was forgetful this year, but I guess the coffee just did not set in yet…..it was a bad morning, no excuse for me.



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