Tuesdays Unwrapped

Emily over at Chatting at the Sky invited fellow bloggers to join her in recognizing and documenting the small, ordinary things in life that truly are abundant in our daily lives but most of us are too busy to recognize and appreciate them.  So we’ve vowed to stop for a second {or okay we should take a few minutes to enjoy the journey of it all} notice something meaningful and precious in our day and blog about it on Tuesdays.

The minute I read the challenge {while at work mind you} I looked down on the floor and saw one of the most precious living things in my life.  It was Scottie {our dog} who came to work with me today as we had an abundance of showings of our home that we’re selling.  I therefore thought it best to just bring him to work with me to avoid taking a day off and/or running back and forth between all the showings.  The piece that is meaningful about this long winded story is that I have an amazingly flexible employer.  Not many employers are understanding and/or even flexible enough to allow a pet in the office.  Thank you Orthopaedic Surgeons, you certainly do make life much easier and in turn I want to work that much more for your office.  Amen!

P.S.  I LOVE it when Scottie lays like this, like he’s superdog or something.  Well HE IS OUR superdog!


  1. I do love that pic of Scottie…he was resting so peacefully until you began the photo shoot…I must say that I enjoy his company at work and I think that he enjoyed mine as well including some of my dirty rice lunch…lol…don’t worry…I didn’t mind sharing…he is such a polite begger.



  2. I love this! It’s funny how little things like having a flexible employer actually ARE the big things. Especially when you are trying to sell a house! Love the photo. Thanks for linking up.

    Also? I love your blog layout! It’s like a newspaper! So cool 🙂



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