Alpha Trak, Pele and Me

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined the girls over at Chatting At The Sky for the unwrapping of life’s small but wonderful treasures.  They’re amongst us everyday it’s just sometimes we have to look closely to appreciate them.  Today I’m reminded of how blessed we are to live in a time where medicine is as advanced as it is.  Today I speak specifically on veterinarian medicine.  Not only are humans living longer these days, our pets are as well.

My close friends and family know that Pele, our 11 year old cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  We’ve been working very hard at getting his glucose leveled off.  A normal glucose range for cats is 64 – 170 of which Pele’s first reading was 540 (WOW . . . that is very very high).  Having a normal glucose range is vital to living, without it a human or pet will inevitiably die.

Well today Pele and I made our way to Dr Jim Micinilio’s office to pick up our Alpha Trak (Glucose Metering System) and off to training school we went.  Pele was my real live patient who receives a gold star for tolerance.  We did very well!  I obtained a drop of blood from the vein in his ear and guess what . . . glucose reading today is 280.  I’m elated that the insulin injections are working and that we can now check his glucose at home and work closely with the doctor to bring Pele to the best possible point of health attainable.    We’re not too far off from the goal of 170.  Yeah Pele, my big guy!  Next we’ll start Vitamin B12 with hopes it will fix the diabetic neuropathy he has.  He has great difficulty with walking but we’re on our way to improvement.


  1. Awwwwwwww – poor Pele!!!!!!!! I hope that he gets well soon. He’s adorable – I actually think all animals should be slightly rotound (it just adds to their loveableness), so I’m betting mine are all in trouble.




  2. Wow! That glucose level was high but what an improvement! I don’t currently have any pets, so I wouldn’t have thought of this very dear, important gift you have unwrapped today. Thank you for linking up!



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