The Treasure Hunt

I know I know, I should be posting pics of the new house but wanted to share my awesome finds rummaging the flea market yesterday.  I love the hunt and the treasures awaiting my arrival.  Thank you Michele for spending the morning with me and enjoying the hunt together, I had a great time and the homemade cinnamon & sugar donuts are to die for!  YUMMO!!!

My most favorite find of the day is this gorgeous shabby storage cabinet which was much needed in my studio.  They wanted $125 & I got them down to $100 . . . SWEEEET!!!! The black wire basket sitting atop the cabinet is another find for $3.  It will have a new home this fall on the kitchen island.  The day before I had found a similar basket but it was new and $20.  The funny thing is that I LOVE the $3 basket much more than the $20 one!  Rummaging sure pays off!

And these little lovelies are simply adorable, the cabinet cards of the children are so sweet.  The vintage yard stick unfolds and I have an awesome plan for it too for the Scottie Buddy Boy Collars and Leashes section of the studio.  The blue jewel and tiny spoons just couldn’t be passed by!  We’ll definitely be making another trip again this fall for more treasures!

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