Labor Day 2009

Can you believe that summer is over??? I can’t, ours was so chock full of house stuff that it buzzed right on by.  We lazily spent a quite afternoon on the back of the boat sipping a delish margarita with good company coming and going.  Missed my sister and her family who had to reschedule due to illness 😦

I don’t know why I like to take pictures of feet, shoes or whatever someone has on their feet.  It’s weird I know but humor me K?  Since I don’t get my pic taken often these days I’ll share a pic of my feet in summery flip flops.  I know they’re not the prettiest so look quick!

Margarita Mike

“Emm that’s good margarita!”

“The look” . . . “why do you insist on taking my picture?”

Discussing politics . . . or wait debating politics . . . what a hot topic!

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