Fall Harvest

Two miles down the road is this lovely farm that people come from as far as NY City to share in the “country” experience of harvesting pumpkins, running through corn mazes, taking a hay ride and having apple cider.  This experience is shared at Christmas time too but that’s another post yet to come.

We made our way over on opening day last Saturday, we were the first ones . . . YEAH!!!  Mike wasn’t nearly as cheerful about the experience but humored me (good boy!)  Now to find a pumpkin

These guys were HUGE!!!  I don’t even know how one would transport these babies???

These are more like it although sstacked and lined up so nicely, we shouldn’t mess it up.

“Oh, hey Mike how bout the corn maze?”   Mike:  “Ahh . . . I don’t think so!”

Look, they cut pumpkins off the vine but left them in the patch looking so nice!  Can’t take one from here either cuz they are placed so nicely for viewing purposes LOL!

“What is up with my crazy wife taking all these pumpkin pictures???”

“Better shape up Mike or I’ll put you in with these little oinkers”

Ahh HA!  Here’s where one picks there pumpkin!  Ours is in the front row, 3rd from the right.  Tall and perfect for carving a scary face . . . muahaha

Was a nice time at Jone’s Family Farm.

They don’t allow pets so our baby couldn’t go but I must insert a picture of him from the very same day.  Arf Arf!

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