This is a unique website created by Michael and Brandi Talmadge to show all of our interests in a uniform place for easy awareness for friends, family and acquaintances.

Talmadge House is Mike, Brandi, Ryker and Lucy. In May 2018, we packed up our bags from our roots in New England and moved to the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Our humble home is located in Bluffton SC, neighboring Hilton Head Island and a short 30-minute drive to one of our favorite get-aways, Savannah GA. In this part of the country, the summer temps stick around about 7-months out of the year and the diverse wildlife is as rich as the history of the Southeast; never thought we’d live in a place where you can enjoy dolphin playing off the side of your boat.

We met in October 1995 while living in a two-family house, he lived on the 1st floor and she lived on the 2nd floor. We became fast friends and formally started dating in November 1997. We purchased our first home in January 1998. The wedding bells rang in April 2003 at The Yacht Club in Walt Disney World, Florida.

We have the furry 4-legged type of children. Ryker, our American Cocker Spaniel and Lucy, our black and white Tuxedo kitty.

Mike has always been an avid boater stemming from his childhood. Growing up, he was mechanical with an innate ability to understand the inner workings of things and a keen eye for design. He went to a trade school and took a job at Air-Vac Engineering in 1986 where he gained years of experience in design engineering.  He left Air-Vac in December 2010 to work as CEO/Founder for the family business, which he created in 2004, Thought Out Company.

Brandi became an avid boater since meeting Mike and enjoys an afternoon of family time, wild life surroundings and good food. Growing up, she was methodical in every venture of life. Animals, nutrition, fitness, crafting, and antiquing have always been her passion. Prior to coming on board as Executive Administrator of Thought Out Company, she spent her career as a Certified Medical Coder & Medical Claim Specialist.

Please enjoy TalmadgeHouse.com with an inside scoop of our daily lives while we generate and archive our history. Over and Out.

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