Manning Up with Flowers

Flower & Garden Show 2011
It has been awhile since I posted to our site, so I figured I would man it up with a “Flower & Garden Show” that we are going to today, however I would rather call it a “Landscape & Garden Show”.

Home Before Purchase
With our new home we had zero landscaping let alone grass. The grass we did get was contractor mix seed which basically grows the first year and dies the next. Compound that with a hard compact dirt, rock and sand mix as topsoil it has be a challenge this last second year with the lawn, but we survived quite well.
On the landscaping side we planted 12 trees and I don’t know how many shrubs, bushes and plants but we where busy.
All in all I have enjoyed the heavy amount of “landscaping and gardening” this last year very much and I think today’s venture should be helpful.
I am going to try and post a few things from the iPhone as we go.
Please post a comment below.

Are We Ready For Some Football!

We are 40 minutes from kick off time . . . who are you rooting for? I’ve picked the Bears and not that they are my favorite team but because I had to pick a team to root for and well, I love teddy bears so there you go the Bears it is for me. Mike on the other hand, must be rooting for the opposing team as men seldom agree with women. So there it is . . . Mike and I will be head to head with this game, hope it’s a good one and may the Bears win! Whoo Hoo

What are we having for food, you ask? We are so American and we love every minute of it. Well first off Mike tried to make his spicy cheese dip ending with a Continue reading →