The Treasure Hunt

I know I know, I should be posting pics of the new house but wanted to share my awesome finds rummaging the flea market yesterday.  I love the hunt and the treasures awaiting my arrival.  Thank you Michele for spending the morning with me and enjoying the hunt together, I had a great time and the homemade cinnamon & sugar donuts are to die for!  YUMMO!!!

My most favorite find of the day is this gorgeous shabby storage cabinet which was much needed in my studio.  They wanted $125 & I got them down to $100 . . . SWEEEET!!!! The black wire basket sitting atop the cabinet is another find for $3.  It will have a new home this fall on the kitchen island.  The day before I had found a similar basket but it was new and $20.  The funny thing is that I LOVE the $3 basket much more than the $20 one!  Rummaging sure pays off!

And these little lovelies are simply adorable, the cabinet cards of the children are so sweet.  The vintage yard stick unfolds and I have an awesome plan for it too for the Scottie Buddy Boy Collars and Leashes section of the studio.  The blue jewel and tiny spoons just couldn’t be passed by!  We’ll definitely be making another trip again this fall for more treasures!

Steadfast & Faithful Furriness

Adorable picture of my buddy loving his momma or wait . . . maybe I’m loving my buddy?  Well today I wanted to post about this little animal that brings such BIG love to our family!  He’s constant, loyal and well plain accepting of all my recent moodiness, me and Mike’s urge to work all the time, Darcie and Pele fighting, brown boxes all over the house stuffed with everything that used to blanket our home, and the decrease in his carefree walks due to Mike and I being overworked.  Soooooo many things are changing around him but he remains the one constant within this household.  The steadiness and indebtedness dogs provide to mankind is truly amazing to me!  One of God’s greatest creations!!!

The Best Day

LOVE the lyrics in this song and it’s sung so beautifully by Taylor Swift!  Love the name Taylor too!  Like me, you might find yourself purchasing it for $1.29 over on iTunes.

A Little Crafty Time & a Tuturial

Hey all my crafty friends.  I couldn’t resist posting my most recent projects.  I’m taking an online vintage paper arts class were you learn how to re-purpose, re-think, and re-invent things.  Meaning thinking outside the box to re-use otherwise thought to be useless things.  Ya’ll know I love vintage things so this class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking taught by Jenni Bowlin was the perfect match.

My first challenge was to make a journal where I jot down miscellaneous notes or brilliant thoughts I may have.  HA!  Imagine that 🙂  Vintage items on this journal are the clock hand and the round cream colored poker chip under the doo dad that says “create”.

Next challenge was to make an inspiration board where you pin up items that give you inspiration.  I made two boards and am currently adding one item per week until class is over in September.

I was then challenged to utilize vintage milk caps.  I decided to use one for the center of my gigantic flower or perhaps it’s a tree?  Cute non-the-less!  Also used one flipped upside down as my sun.  Had to utilize vellum on the flower/tree as well thanks to Keisha Campbell’s gorgeous use of this product (love her design)!

I MUST share the easy-peasy tuturial for you to make your own inspiration bulletin board.  So here goes 🙂

Step 1:
choose a frame.  Keep in mind size as you look.  Decide how much space you have to work with, i.e. a 4 foot frame would be hard to display in a closet.  If you would like an antique/vintage frame, you can easily find one at any flea market or antique store.  If you don’t have a vintage shopping location close by, you can find options galore at Ebay.  Just search for “vintage picture frame”.  You can also very easily use a new frame and can purchase one at any mass retailer such as Target, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby.

Step 2:
Assemble the rest of the materials:
•     Large    cutting    mat    and    ruler
•     Matboard    (available    at    any    craft    store,  or use extra thick poster board or a scrap piece of chipboard).
•     Craft    knife

•     Cork    tiles    (find    them    on-line    here or at Hobby Lobby or other major craft chain.)  A roll of cork will also work cut to size, although rolled cork is usually not as thick as the tiles.

•     Remnant    piece    of    fabric
•     It    is    best    to    keep    your    fabric    a    neutral    color    without    much    pattern    (if    any    at    all).  I have used old grain sacks, tablecloths, and homespun fabric.  choose a fabric that is not too thick (you will have to wrap this around the cork) but not too thin either (you don’t want to see the cork through it).
•     Duct    tape    (any    color    will    do)

Step 3:
cut piece of matboard (or alternative) to fit inside the frame (not too tight as you will be wrapping the fabric around this later).

Step 4:
Trim corkboard to fit onto matboard and use adhesive foam tape (usually included with the cork tiles) to adhere the cork to the matboard.  At this point, lay the cork/matboard piece in the opening of the frame and make sure there is still room for the fabric.  Trim a little bit off of each side if necessary.

Step 5:
Lay cork/matboard piece on top of the wrong side (if there is a wrong side) of fabric remnant.  Trim fabric to
approximately 3” around cork/matboard piece.

Step 6:
Begin wrapping the fabric onto the cork/matboard piece, starting with the top edge, then the bottom, then the right and the left, pulling the fabric tautly as you work and securing with the duct tape.

Step 7:
Add covered piece to the opening in the frame and cover the backside with duct tape to secure.

Step 8:
Admire your finished board!

The Smallest of Gifts = The Soul of One’s Heart

Memorial Day on our boat this year was indeed special!  Bridget & Jeremy blessed us with their presence and in tow was one of the cutest little girls on the planet, Isabella.  And to my surprise she anxiously awaited my return to give me this special surprise she had made especially for mua.  One doesn’t “need” their own children to experience the compassion, love and thoughtfullness only a child can give.  I find it straight through my nieces and nephews whom are some of the most loving children I know!

Along with the beautiful flower Isabella so graciously picked out of her dance rehearsal bouquet she wrote a letter with a picture of our boat and how much she loves visiting us on the boat.  My sister allowed her to sound out and spell the words by herself.  By the way, I think the now dead flower looks just as lovely as it was alive, it’s just a different color now.  hehe

It says “Aunt Brandi I Love it” with an arrow pointing at her drawing of the boat.  The part that looks like the sun is the wheel of the boat and I believe the two little lines to the left of the wheel is the captains seat.

This is the backside of her letter saying she loves me and loves being at our boat.  Don’t you love how she spells “at Brade” meaning “aunt Brandi”.  Then she writes “I love you at Bran” . . . the “bran” cracks me up because I’ve always despised being called Bran for short.  Sounds like a box of cereal or something.  What a sweet thought to give a gift to her auntie that usually only mom’s experience.  From the soul of my heart, Thank you Miss Bella you make me smile!  You’re so sweet I could put you in my coffee.

Picture was taken of Isabella and I sitting on the bow of the boat.  I didn’t know Mike had taken this picture until I uploaded to find it amongst all the others.  She was telling me stories about a mouse of which I now forget how the story goes. I do recall her saying “he was the sweeeeeetest mouse!”

Frog Dreams

Haven’t we all dreamed of odd things that don’t seem to make any sense to us.  Or having dreams of all these weird things that don’t seem to have relation to one another.  Well I had one of those dreams last night and here’s how it went ~

I was preparing my home for a showing when the door bell rang.  Upon answering, it was a man who had previously looked at my home and said he’d like to buy the house but that he had to do some repair work around the house.  I told him that he could do that once he purchased the home but he was insistant to do the work right then and there.  In my dream I went along with it, but in real life I would’ve sent him off to pound salt (LOL).  So here he is inside my home with his saw, drill and tool belt making all these changes to the house.  Meanwhile I’m thinking that this other couple was suppose to be putting a bid in on the house and i’d prefer to sell to them but didn’t know how to get this guy out of my house.  I go upstairs to the masterbedroom and I see all these frogs on the floor.  There were big momma and poppa frogs and also baby frogs, all hopping around.  I hear the guy coming up the stairs and I tell him he can’t come upstairs because it’s a mess and we have frogs all over the place.  Then all of the sudden the frogs were dead (all of them)!  So I’m quickly picking them up and putting them into the trash.

The End ~

Okay, well I’ve never dreamed of frogs before so I googled what frog dreams could possibly mean.  It’s an array of things.

1.  frogs represent the alter ego/the darker side that we all possess.

HA!  So what about my alter ego?  My alter ego is a good one!  I have a dark side?  I will never tell LOL

2.  a potential to change or to do the unexpected.

Well this one could be related to the big change that is bestowed before us with moving.

3.  The frog may be a prince in disguise.

OOOO . . . a prince?  I thought I already had my prince?  🙂

4.  The frog may suggest you need to do some cleaning.

Are you kidding me?  No way!  Ask Mike about cleanliness around our home.  LOL

5. The frog may mean you’ve been jumping from one thing, person, or idea to another.

Well hmm . . . could be truth to this one with relation to my hobbies.  I have limited time for hobbies and I have a lot of them and don’t know exactly which one to work on when I have the time.  I therefore get confused and don’t do any.

6.  You are taking major steps toward some goal.

True ~ moving from our first home

7.  You need to take the “leap” on a risk.

Well yeah I would need a “frog” to tell me this.  I’m a conservative person and think long and hard before taking any sort of risk.  So it may be telling me to go ahead and take the risk of moving into a bigger home to accommodate our ever growing business.

Interesting non the less!

National Scrapbooking Day

A lo ha fellow scrapbookers!  Yesterday was National Scrapbooking day so I’m hoping all fellow enthusiasts joined me in celebrating by scraping your hearts out.  Here’s a layout I did of meself with more of Jenni Bowlin’s April kit.  Doesn’t this layout make you think of sherbert?  I think another layout is calling me today or perhaps a mini album {I heart mini albums}

Layout inspired by Lisa Dickinson.

Monkey Playtime

Waahoo!  I made the entry deadline to Jenni Bowlin’s April contest.  She’s hosting a contest where you scrap with her April kit and you then get a chance to win one of her May add-on kits.  Emmm yummy!  Don’t we all like getting something free and even better yet when it’s pretty?  Listen I’m not only excited for the chance to win but am downright ecstatic that I scrapbooked something.

This picture of Scottie was the first picture taken with my new 50mm f1.4 lens that I got for my birthday.  He was exhausted from our monkey playtime so off he went to puppy-dog dreamland.

A Strool Through the Park

Here we are at Tuesday’s Unwrapped again, it’s uncanny how fast time flies!  Our home has been on the market for ten days and we’ve averaged one showing per day which is pretty good in this market.  I feel quite a bit of stress since this whole house hunting and selling has breached it’s way into our humble, yet busy days of living.  It seems that anytime stress pokes it’s head out, us humans tend to lose sight of what we stand for and what our original goals were.

I for one get my mind wrapped around something, get all worked up, cranky and my type A personality takes over.  I left the house all balled up, cranky and ready to lash out on anyone who merely looked at me the wrong way.  It wasn’t until I left the office early (for a showing) changed into my shorts, t-shirt and flip flops, packed a cooler of water, thin mint cookies and a frosty paw for Scottie and made our way to the park for some much needed tranquility that I was able to calm down.  It was breezy and a warm 90 degrees while walking with Scottie in the park overlooking the river and we heard the church bells chime.  I listened to the chiming while we continued to mosey our way through the flower gardens and cherry trees and felt an immediate sense of comfort and tranquility.

This was well deserved down time today with my biggest fan at my heels (well okay he’s always in front making sure he’s sniffed the path that I’m about the walk on).  Thank God for all things beautiful, simple and tranquil!

Aggregators vs Email?

Without further ado this post is dedicated to Mike who has been poking at me for months to explain to our readers how to easily subscribe to our blog posts.  You have two choices of subscription:  RSS feed or email, either is a time saver for all of you.  For those who crave thorough tutorials and even those who like to learn new things this is worth reading.


Though quite well-known amongst bloggers, it shouldn’t go without lauding:  Aggregators.  There are bound to be a few dozen of you who don’t know what you’re missing out on.  This post is for you.

If you find yourself tediously entering and re-entering the URLs of your favorite blogs throughout the day, just hoping that someone has posted a new entry, read on.  You need an aggregator.  I currently use Google Reader.

Google Reader is a free, online service that allows you to organize and monitor your favorite blogs.  When you are logged into your account, you are able to see when new entries have been posted on each of the blogs you ‘subscribe’ to.  Subscribing to blogs is free and many blogs have a “Subscribe in Google Reader” or “Subscribe to this Feed” button in their sidebar to make the process even easier.  Rsssymbol Otherwise, you can click on a blog’s RSS feed icon in your browser’s address bar (usually looks like a little square with three curved ‘sound’ bars radiating outward – example to the right).  The RSS icon will take you to the blog’s RSS feed, where there are usually some subscription options, including Google Reader.  Here is what my RSS feed page looks like.

There are many similar services to Google Reader, such as Bloglines, My Yahoo, NewsFire, and many others.  I’ve only ever used Google Reader, so I’m not too familiar with the alternatives.  All such blog-subscribing services are called aggregators (or feed-readers, rss readers, news readers, etc.).  Using an aggregator is an absolute life-saver if you’re following a long list of blogs on a regular basis.  An aggregator enables you to compose a virtual daily ‘personal newspaper’ of all of your favorite blog ‘articles’ (aka rss feeds or posts) which you can read one after the other right there under your account — or you can click on a link to each post if you prefer to read new posts in their original setting within a blog (my preference).

A lot of info?  Let me just say it is totally worth looking into.  The time you spend learning your way around Google Reader or another aggregator will easily pay off in spades.  One hour learning how to use an aggregator could easily gain you three hours more free time in the next week or two alone.

Visit this awesome video for a visual on this topic.

I must give credit for most of the RSS Feed content to one of my bloggy friends, Heather Bailey.  Why reinvent the wheel right?


For those of you who don’t read a lot of blogs or just purely have no interest in aggregators you have the option of subscribing via email.  This means you’ll receive an email from our blog anytime we post something new.  All you need to do is enter your email address into the “GET OUR STORIES” field which looks like this and is located on the right column of our blog page.

Once you enter your email address and click on the subscribe button you’ll see a window like this:

See the word in green?  You must enter the text exactly as you see it into the field provided.  Once you’ve entered the text you will see a window like this:

Read the message inside the window above and follow the directions and shortly thereafter you’ll receive an email that looks like this:

Once you click on the link inside your email you’ll see a window like this:

This means your mission is complete and you’ll be receiving all of our new blog posts all nice and dandy right into your very own email box.