July 4th on Talmadge Boat

Another 4th celebration Talmadge style!  The fireworks this year were pretty good although nothing to brag about.  Guess cuts have to be made somewhere in the times we live in.  We had nine guests on the boat this year thus making for a nice time to celebrate.  Although I’m thinking a maid is in order for next year so I can have a couple drinks and be sociable.

We start the afternoon off with Margarita Mike’s Margarita’s.  Does the drink have them all mesmerized or is there something going on to the left that they’re all looking at?  Mike must have a clam stuck in his tooth there too LOL!!!!

The kids on the dink with a fishing pole.  I’m certain they caught something with Matt being the captain but I didn’t see anything.

Clams anyone?  YUM!

The captain and his first mate

The men on the boat . . . ar ar ar

The happy maid 🙂

Now onto cigar smoking (I passed on one this year)

We all thought the stogies would be good.

Emm not so good huh?  This picture cracks me up!

How bout this one of Meaghan and the goofy face she’s making?  So funny!

And lastly a group picture of the woman on the boat.

Here are a few pics of friends on boats surrounding us

Mike and his son Sean

Mike’s other son, Matthew (cute kids Dee and him have)

Charlie and Barbara

There were so many others that we didn’t get a picture of or the shot came out blurry.  Happy 4th of July, I’ll try to post about holidays a bit sooner the next time around.  This was what?  Like two weeks ago ~ albeit old news, hope you still enjoyed the post.

Ha Choo

Mike and I were in the car on our way back home from dinner out.  We’re driving in the direction of the sun right in our eyes and this is how the conversation went from there.

Mike:  Thanks to the sun I’ve got to sneeze.

Mike:  HA CHOO

Me:  Bless you

Me:  Why did you thank the sun?

Mike:  Cuz it makes me sneeze, doesn’t it you?

Me:  Ahhhh . . . no dear, it’s just you.

Mike:  It makes my nose hairs stand on end which makes me sneeze

Me:  rolling eyes at strange husband

This picture of him cracks me up!  I was snapping pictures away just practicing for my class and I guess he got tired of the camera on him so he turns to me and makes that bugg-eyed face.  Weirdo!

Monte Cristo

cigar monte cristo

Today smoking the Monte Cristo while Jeremy and Scott do a Game Garcia Vega. It was soft and smooth cigar that was good but I look forward to trying more brands and flavors in the future. Jeremy and Scott both had issues Continue reading →