A Mixed Bag

Our first snow fall of the season happened this morning . . . so pretty!

OK . . . this year we had two Thanksgiving meals.  Thursday we went to Michael’s dads and Saturday we went to my sisters.  Here are some photos from the events.  We’ll start with my sisters dinner first.

This is where you’ll typically find Mike . . . yep always working!

My mom . . .

My brother Scott . . . love the new beard/stash!

Our niece Shelbie who has the most beautiful blue eyes . . . She’s growing up so fast!

Our niece Isabella who is such a bundle of bouncy joy . . . simply adorable!

And we decorated their Christmas Tree (Bridget handed out the ornaments) . . .

Now onto Mike’s dads dinner . . .

Mike’s sister Crystal loving the turkey . . .

Mike’s sister Carla . . . we got a picture with both eyes open, amen!

Me with Crystal’s new puppy Chloe (such a sweet loving little puppy) . . .

LuLu (sweet mush pie)

And last but no least Charlie (he’s the alpha dog of this household) who’s growing tired these days . . . we love you Charlie!

Another Boating Season Closes

This past Saturday our summer home on the water was put on land for her winter hibernation.  She’s already shrink wrapped (her winter blanket) and Mike has completed most if not all of the winterization.  He did a perfect job of getting her up on the hydraulic trailer.

So taking the boat out of the water in the fall and putting her back in the spring are always big events for the Talmadge Family, even Poppa Smurf is around for both events.  Although he’s always around as he’s part of what us “younger generation” call the “GW” otherwise known as the geriatric ward.  This “ward” is a tent at the marina where all the established men and sometimes women sit and let their views on the world and life be heard.  And boy does the air sometimes get thick at the GW . . . shoe wee watch out.  Republicans welcome without invitation, democrats by invitation only.  HA!

Poppa Smurf to the left making sure all looks well

Another member of the “GW” . . . Charlie and that’s Mark blurred out in the background.  He can also be found in the “GW” on any given day.

And lastly, the boat is out of the water and on it’s way to it’s winter dry dock.  Yep, that’s my very own Mikey on the swim platform.

Until Spring 2009, Love & Luck over and out.

Pampered Chef Party

Pampered Chef

I’m hosting my first Pampered Chef party and it’s online.  How awesome is that to have the opportunity to purchase great kitchen supplies right from the comfort of your own home.  It’s quick and easy.

I’ve posted a picture of all the items I purchased from Pampered Chef in July of this year and here’s a little bit about each of them.  Mike and I have searched and used several hard cheese graters and haven’t found anything we liked until the Deluxe Cheese Grater came into our lives and is one of my favorites!  I was jumping with joy to learn they carry a product that will make my Walnut Christmas cookie making a breeze and it’s with their Mini-Tart Shaper.  OMG!!!! I can’t believe how much time this inexpensive extremely handy tool is going to make my life this winter WAHOOO!!!  I’ve also heard so many good things about Pampered Chef’s Stoneware so of course I had to get my very first pizza stone.  LOVE THIS ITEM TOO!!!  Not even sure how I survived pizza making without it.  And the Measure-All Cup is just fantastic especially for measuring ewwy gooey things like peanut butter.  It’s so easy and clean with this cup.  The pinch bowl set I earned free and really like having them.  Especially since fall/winter is almost here.  I do alot of crockpot cooking (you know night before work prepping of food) and these bowls work very nicely for this.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions about any item Pampered Chef carries please let me know.  I’d really love for you to give one of their items a try . . . I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.  Party closes Saturday, September 20th.

Browse & Shop Here


Bill Talmadge 60th Birthday East Side Restaurant

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Christmas @ The Talmadge House

Our traditional Christmas Eve was nice as usual. My sister and her family were down in addition to my father-in-law, mother-in-law and Mike’s sister, Carla. We had lots of good food and great company to share during this festive time.

Scottie was up to his typical business with his preperation to look his cutest to ensure as many nibbles as possible. Grandma Carol would’ve fed him all night long but she was very good with restricting the nibbles :-).

Our cats Wilbur, Darcie and Pele hid out in their quarters. Actually Pele has found a new hiding spot when he’s scared, the litter box. Can you believe the darn cat curls up in there until the coast is clear. He’s a freak! LOL

Mike was up to his good old picture taking. This year for his birthday I gave him a new lens for the Canon so he was playing with that through the night and got some nice pictures. I must learn more about this fancy camera! My father-in-law was busy pulling his glasses in and out of his jacket pocket so he could see things . . . bifocals are in order for him . . . hehehe. Carla wasn’t feeling well this year but still made it of which we’re very happy for. Thank you Carla and we hope you’re feeling better!

Bridget was pulling recipes from me and filling my wine glass throughout the night. Thank you sis! Jeremy was relaxing and socializing with everyone. And lastly our little kins of the house, Kane and Isabella. They both were charmers to have as usual. Bella was so excited at the prospect of Santa Claus coming. Remember the gitty feeling we all had as kids when we knew Santa was coming the next day? Oh to be a kid again! So I have this little story about Isabella . . . she was so excited to open a gift and we told her that she may open a gift after we have dinner. So I’m at the tail end of preparing dinner and she approaches and asks me when she can open her gift so I tell her just as soon as we have dinner. She sweetly tells me that she just had her dinner (LOL) so I tell her once the adults are done she may open her gift. So a few minutes later I hear her ask Carol when she would be done with her dinner. I laughingly bring Carol into the loop on why Isabella has inquired about her dinner. Well just then Bella taps me on the leg and wispers to me “Brandi, I didn’t know that”. TOO FUNNY! . . . so sweet I could put her in my coffee! Anywho, I’ve rambled long enough. Hope everyone has a safe and celebratory New Years. See you next year 🙂

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Monte Cristo

cigar monte cristo

Today smoking the Monte Cristo while Jeremy and Scott do a Game Garcia Vega. It was soft and smooth cigar that was good but I look forward to trying more brands and flavors in the future. Jeremy and Scott both had issues Continue reading →