A Mixed Bag

Our first snow fall of the season happened this morning . . . so pretty!

OK . . . this year we had two Thanksgiving meals.  Thursday we went to Michael’s dads and Saturday we went to my sisters.  Here are some photos from the events.  We’ll start with my sisters dinner first.

This is where you’ll typically find Mike . . . yep always working!

My mom . . .

My brother Scott . . . love the new beard/stash!

Our niece Shelbie who has the most beautiful blue eyes . . . She’s growing up so fast!

Our niece Isabella who is such a bundle of bouncy joy . . . simply adorable!

And we decorated their Christmas Tree (Bridget handed out the ornaments) . . .

Now onto Mike’s dads dinner . . .

Mike’s sister Crystal loving the turkey . . .

Mike’s sister Carla . . . we got a picture with both eyes open, amen!

Me with Crystal’s new puppy Chloe (such a sweet loving little puppy) . . .

LuLu (sweet mush pie)

And last but no least Charlie (he’s the alpha dog of this household) who’s growing tired these days . . . we love you Charlie!

Is It Bob’s or Barbara’s?

It’s that time of year again . . . Christmas card planning which involves a family picture for us (me, Mike and Scottie Buddy Boy).  Can’t forget the furry baby, he’s part of the festive experience.  So off we went to pick up a new shirt for Mike cause ya know he has to match what I’ve chosen to wear.  So he decides that Bob’s would be a good place to start and who am I to complain, I’ve got him in the car actually going to pick this new shirt out.  So Bob’s it is, here we come.

I never really thought about the name of the store and that it might imply they catter more to the male species.  I mean they’ve got a little bit for us females but nothing like they have for our counterparts.  As we make our way to the back of the store I notice they’ve got all this hunting clothing (you know like Carharts & Dickies).  I’ve catagorized the make of gear as hunting due to growing up in upstate New York where almost all the men hunted and always wore Carhart clothing.  So I finally say to Mike “you know this store has so much stuff for men and very little for women”.  He proceeds to say “well, it IS Bob’s NOT Barbara’s”.  HA!!!  Funny little man came out with a good analogy of which I had to share with all of you.  Thanks for reading.

Because I love pictures so much and don’t like posting without one here’s one I pulled from the Fall this year.  Mike and his dad impatiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures while at the Bethlehem Fair.  See the impatience on Mike’s face?  I’m surprised my father in law didn’t have his tongue sticking out at me.  See what I have to deal with . . . like father like son.  HA!

A Girls Day of Christmas Ornament Making

I spent the day yesterday with two of my most favorite people in this whole wide world, my sister Bridget and my niece Isabella.  Bridget and I started our felt Christmas Ornaments.  Here’s what the finished project looks like . . . aren’t they the sweetest little things?  Well with exception of Isabella.  If you want to make your very own ornaments, kit’s may be purchased at this lovely bloggie website Rosy Little Things.  She has the sweetest kits, patterns, her very own book(s), recommendations on tons of things, oh and some really great recipes.

It was really nice to have a girls day, Isabella was in her jammies all day and was so well behaved.  Bridget looked so comfie in her blue jean overalls and reminded me that we really can still wear them.  I’ve had mine sitting aside hesitant to wear them for the last couple years for fear someone would think I’m a farmer or something.

She tells me that she’d of styled her hair had she known I was going to take pictures.  But don’t I always have the camera?  🙂  I think your boot-e-ful Bi-Get!  On the other hand your lazy daisy stitch isn’t so boot-e-ful LOL!

Now this is a girl starting photography early.  Wish I was provided that luxury at 4 years old.  I LOVE that she loves taking pictures.  She’ll surpass me at some point I’m sure, she’s a genious in the making.

And last but not least Isabella’s baby kitty kat, Pocko.  Pocko has her very own blankie and pillow made from kleenex.

Thank you Bridget and Isabella for making an orndinary day super special!  I love you both more than words can say.

Another Boating Season Closes

This past Saturday our summer home on the water was put on land for her winter hibernation.  She’s already shrink wrapped (her winter blanket) and Mike has completed most if not all of the winterization.  He did a perfect job of getting her up on the hydraulic trailer.

So taking the boat out of the water in the fall and putting her back in the spring are always big events for the Talmadge Family, even Poppa Smurf is around for both events.  Although he’s always around as he’s part of what us “younger generation” call the “GW” otherwise known as the geriatric ward.  This “ward” is a tent at the marina where all the established men and sometimes women sit and let their views on the world and life be heard.  And boy does the air sometimes get thick at the GW . . . shoe wee watch out.  Republicans welcome without invitation, democrats by invitation only.  HA!

Poppa Smurf to the left making sure all looks well

Another member of the “GW” . . . Charlie and that’s Mark blurred out in the background.  He can also be found in the “GW” on any given day.

And lastly, the boat is out of the water and on it’s way to it’s winter dry dock.  Yep, that’s my very own Mikey on the swim platform.

Until Spring 2009, Love & Luck over and out.

Pumpkin Patch @ Wells Hollow

OMG! Do puppie dogs get any cuter than this furrie baby? Personally, I don’t think so but surely I’m biased. So I really wanted to go to Jones Family Farm for our pumpkin picking this year but they don’t allow cute furry puppie dogs. Sounds like descrimination to me . . . HA! So we decided to go back to the farm we used last year (Wells Hollow) which was far more convenient anyhow being 2 miles from home and no unruley, screaming, cranky 2-legged children which is what we would’ve gotten at Jones Family Farm. I’ve decided that the BIG farms are over-rated mostly because our puppie isn’t allowed to experience them. We’ll see if I feel different with our 2-legged children. Anywhow, love this little family farm where we found this years perfect pumpkin. Mike said he wanted a tall skinny pumpkin this year so I pick one out and he says “that one? that’s huge and MUST cost alot of money!”. WHAT? This is a man having NO problem with top of the line Apple computers but a big expensive pumpkin???? Watch out bank account we’re about to purchase a pumpkin LOL.

So this is the picture taken a couple years ago when we unknowingly WENT to the big farm where they don’t allow our baby. Isn’t that sad? Scottie had to stay inside the car watching mommie pick his pumpkin. Sniff Sniff

Pampered Chef Party

Pampered Chef

I’m hosting my first Pampered Chef party and it’s online.  How awesome is that to have the opportunity to purchase great kitchen supplies right from the comfort of your own home.  It’s quick and easy.

I’ve posted a picture of all the items I purchased from Pampered Chef in July of this year and here’s a little bit about each of them.  Mike and I have searched and used several hard cheese graters and haven’t found anything we liked until the Deluxe Cheese Grater came into our lives and is one of my favorites!  I was jumping with joy to learn they carry a product that will make my Walnut Christmas cookie making a breeze and it’s with their Mini-Tart Shaper.  OMG!!!! I can’t believe how much time this inexpensive extremely handy tool is going to make my life this winter WAHOOO!!!  I’ve also heard so many good things about Pampered Chef’s Stoneware so of course I had to get my very first pizza stone.  LOVE THIS ITEM TOO!!!  Not even sure how I survived pizza making without it.  And the Measure-All Cup is just fantastic especially for measuring ewwy gooey things like peanut butter.  It’s so easy and clean with this cup.  The pinch bowl set I earned free and really like having them.  Especially since fall/winter is almost here.  I do alot of crockpot cooking (you know night before work prepping of food) and these bowls work very nicely for this.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions about any item Pampered Chef carries please let me know.  I’d really love for you to give one of their items a try . . . I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.  Party closes Saturday, September 20th.

Browse & Shop Here


Ha Choo

Mike and I were in the car on our way back home from dinner out.  We’re driving in the direction of the sun right in our eyes and this is how the conversation went from there.

Mike:  Thanks to the sun I’ve got to sneeze.

Mike:  HA CHOO

Me:  Bless you

Me:  Why did you thank the sun?

Mike:  Cuz it makes me sneeze, doesn’t it you?

Me:  Ahhhh . . . no dear, it’s just you.

Mike:  It makes my nose hairs stand on end which makes me sneeze

Me:  rolling eyes at strange husband

This picture of him cracks me up!  I was snapping pictures away just practicing for my class and I guess he got tired of the camera on him so he turns to me and makes that bugg-eyed face.  Weirdo!

Bill Talmadge 60th Birthday East Side Restaurant

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A Childhood Favorite “PIZZA HUT”

Can I just say “OMG . . . I LOOOOVE THIS PIZZA!” My most favorite is the Supreme . . . Oh man I soooo wish we had a Pizza Hut close to our home. I’d seriously have a pizza addiction if we did so it’s probably a good thing that there isn’t one closer. I’m not entirely sure why the fetish, there’s nothing fancy about it and it’s not overly pricey. I think it has alot to do with my father taking us kids out for dinner and most times it would be to Pizza Hut, probably got a good bang for his buck there. LOL! Feeding 4 kids and in later years it was 6 kids so one had to stretch the dollar right . . . good grief, can you imagine . . . i sure can’t! So is it the memory of actually going out for dinner as a kid, we didn’t do it very often and I remember being ecstatically thrilled each time we had a dinner out. Or is it the fantabulous taste of the supreme toppings ontop of the crunchy greasy crust? Or perhaps it’s that they offer plain O iced tea (no sugar in it) love that too. I admit that it’s all of those reasons and will always have a humble love toward the pizza under the hut . . . ememem.

I decided to write about this pizza fetish because I tend to forget some of the good things and this was one of them. I was reminded of this fetish recently when Mike and I ventured up to Winsted to sign the paperwork for his new motorcycle (you remember reading that post as well right?) well, it was a work night and we needed to eat. So we pulled out the GPS and punched in restaurants to get a gander at was available on our trail back home. “OMG”, I said to Mike “THEY HAVE A PIZZA HUT!!!”. Pure joy and excitement all over my face. “CAN WE PWEEEAAAASE?” And you know Mike hardly ever tells me NO so there ya go, I punched in Pizza Hut (glee all over my face and my feet were swinging back and forth like a kid) and the GPS had us on our way to the great Pizza Land. I think they’re all decorated the same and have the same carpet, tables and curtains from when I was a kid. It was like stepping back in time, a little strange and a bit unsettling but we still ate there. They even still have the paper place mats that when turned over there are mazes and puzzles for kids. “HEY, DOES ANYONE HAVE A PEN OR HEY MISS WAITRESS, MAY I HAVE A CRAYON AND PLEASE MAKE IT A RED ONE?” LOVED this place and all it stood for, the pure simplicity of this restaraunt is humbling. Eeeeeennnny way . . . definately a nice memory and my craving for this pizza remains very active 20 plus years later. Isn’t that sumpton. 🙂