What happens on the Day before Memorial Day?

Well in our lives we spend the entire weekend celebrating Memorial Day OUT on the boat or just hanging ON the boat IN the marina with all of our friends.  Here’s a glimpse of our day.

Mike got the dink in the water and everyone knows this is Scottie’s boat.  He was all paws when he saw it go in and pitched a doggie anxiety fit for a ride.

Then there was Cosmo (our friends sheep dog)

Who perched himself way up high for a birds eye view of our odd bunch here –

Scottie was also curious of the odd bunch and why all the racket that awoke him from his breezy afternoon nap.

Then there was fishing and of course your apt to find multiple people throwing a line into the water to see what today’s catch will be.  Our very good friend Mike Malone –

Also our friend Mark and his iddy bitty catch that Scottie just had to get a lick of.  He’s so gross but crazy mad for fishing!

And look who paid us a visit, Crystal (my sister-in-law) who does not visit often, decided to pop in along with her boyfriend (Mike) for first time introductions.

And of course myself and Mike were amongst the crowd of activities.  I had to hand the camera over to my other sister-in-law (Carla) for this pic . . . thank you Carla!

Then Jeff Fox’s weather report held true.  Look what started rolling in on us.  I didn’t get a pic of what transpired but let me just say we got a mad amount of hard poring rain and hail.  YIKES!

Now we turn to Scottie sniffing his way

over to this . . . steamed clams.  He LOVES clams and not only does he eat the clam itself, he will lick the juice from the shell and chews off the leg that’s commonly left on the shell.  He’s a true boating dog!  By the way the collar Scottie has on is a new collar made by me entitled “The Picnic Series”.  It’s blue, yellow and white plaid.  Perfect for this weekend and dang cute I might add!

All in all it was a fabulous day relaxing with friends and family.  Memorial Day itself we are having Bridget, Jeremy and Isabella down on the boat for the day.  So I’ll have pics from this also, stay tuned.

Go Fish

Go Fish, posted results on Arts an Leisure

The Friends of the Housatonic River’s (FOTHR) second annual river only Bluefish Tournament took place last Saturday. Seventy-nine anglers of all ages participated in this fun and worthwhile event, with most anglers reporting good bluefishing action throughout the lower section of the Housatonic River.

Friends of the Housatonic River Director Mike Talmage reported that FOTHR was impressed and happy with the amount of entrants, considering mother nature had forced FOTHR to reschedule the tournament, which originally was supposed to take place Sept. 27. Talmage also wanted to thank all participants, along with the tournament sponsors: Giove’s Pizza Kitchen, The Hope Agency, Sikorski Federal Credit Union, Jimmy O’s Bait and Tackle and Carmine’s Ristorante Italiano.

Steve Anderson of Shelton took home $400 and first place with the biggest bluefish of the day, a bruising 12.14 pounder. Rob Darby was awarded $200 and second place with a 12.08-pound blue, which was the only fish Rob caught during the tournament. Mike Malone finished in third place with an impressive 11.86-pound bluefish and took home a $100 prize.


No Drift No Fish

Fishing with Mike Malone for the first time this year, slow year. Tried New Haven break water with no drift for fluke but only caught small blue and a porgie. Then went out near the wreck off of Milford for blues and it is slow, slow enough to write this blog post.

Fishing with buddy

Fishing with buddy
The hot October day I took Buddy fishing. Notice who has their eyes on the fishing pole! He loves fishing.

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FOTHR Bluefish Tournament Results 2007

As a director of FOTHR I am pleased to report that our first tournament was a huge success. The final results from 83 contestants was massive trophy bluefish weighing 18.88 pounds caught by Dave Youngquist from Shelton, CT.