2nd Snow Storm 2010 – 2011 Winter

Just when the snow from the first 15″ blizzard was melting away, we’re slammed with another 13″.  Oh the joys of winter in New England.

Our home –

Don’t you just love a storm with no wind?  All the snow sits so nicely on every single branch of the trees – gorgeous!

What does one do when stuck on an icy hillside in the snow?  Well just pull out the trusty winch and get r done.  There was all kinds of man testosterone in the air out there this morning.  My female advice and the “raised on a farm advice” was to put some chains on the tractors tires.  Chains will always save the day in any icy New England storm.  My dad’s farm didn’t function without em.

JEEP Jamboree 2008 Connecticut


We went to the 2008 Great American Jeep Rallyin Somers Connecticut.

We found this photo on line, I like the RC Jeep and Brandi says did you see the photo with us in it? I missed it the first time.


New Toy (JEEP Wrangler Rubicon)

My new Jeep, yes a Rubicon with the works! Believe it or not my CX-7 lease has ended and I was offered this Jeep at such a value price it would have cost me nearly the same amount to buy the car at the lease end. Those of you that have known me awhile know I had a Jeep like this in the past, I missed it (as Brandi sure knows with me talking about it from time to time). I’ll have more photos later on.

Mike Talmadge

Diesel Jeep Wranglers in the US, WHY NOT?!

Jeep Wrangler Diesel

As many of you know I am a believer of the diesel engine for many reasons which I will not bore you with right now. What puzzles me the most is why JEEP does not offer (or is not allowed to sell) diesel Wranglers in the USA, yet it is available in other countries like Australia, go figure. Here is the link right to JEEP’s own Australian website. I am a full blooded American but on somethings like our politics, (right) left winged environmentalist and corporate businesses I am left wondering, they need to WAKE UP!