Park Chrome

Park Chrome

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I went to the park at lunch time on my bike to make a business call and turned
around to see the swept exhaust pipes and the chrome. I
took this picture and sent it the the blog using the iPhone, I really
need to get out the good camera taking some nice pictures of it.

New Toy (JEEP Wrangler Rubicon)

My new Jeep, yes a Rubicon with the works! Believe it or not my CX-7 lease has ended and I was offered this Jeep at such a value price it would have cost me nearly the same amount to buy the car at the lease end. Those of you that have known me awhile know I had a Jeep like this in the past, I missed it (as Brandi sure knows with me talking about it from time to time). I’ll have more photos later on.

Mike Talmadge

My new toy – Victory Vegas Jackpot Premium

My new toy – Victory Vegas Jackpot Premium
Here is my new toy with stock pipes as it waits for the Swept Pipes being installed and delivered next week. Even though it is cold, I can’t wait!

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Scottie’s Cousin Jetta


OM gosh!!! What an adorable picture. This is Jetta, Scottie’s cousin from New Milford Connecticut. He’s never met her but I know they’d be best dog friends/cousins. Jetta is a gentle spirit and loves attention just like Scottie. Speaking of Jetta, I must get her dog cookies out in the mail . . . I’ve been a bad girl with the delay in sending them. Sorry Jetta :0)

Fishing with buddy

Fishing with buddy
The hot October day I took Buddy fishing. Notice who has their eyes on the fishing pole! He loves fishing.

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