Park Chrome

Park Chrome

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I went to the park at lunch time on my bike to make a business call and turned
around to see the swept exhaust pipes and the chrome. I
took this picture and sent it the the blog using the iPhone, I really
need to get out the good camera taking some nice pictures of it.

It is somewhat a sad day, but also a very positive one.

Back in the summer of 2004 I purchased this Vento Triton R4 Scooter after collecting on an insurance claim (it covered the cost because I repaired the damaged truck myself). After driving this scooter almost every day I could, and when weather permitted, it soon starting getting darker early in the day as the calendar year progressed. Along the year I found many other upgrades during my internet searches for this scooter, so of course I did these upgrades. The searches however fell short in finding a better and brighter headlight so that I could see easier at night. It seems Vento really missed the mark on the brightness of the headlight and nothing could be had anywhere to improve this headlight. I quickly realized that I would have to develop my own plan for this problem, so off I went. I created a very low cost but 30% brighter headlight and tail / brake light kit. The only draw back was I had to purchase parts for this kit in very high quantities. Needless to say I made these high quantity purchases while also thinking I could just sell them over time knowing that I had a few connections on scooter web forums that could be an outlet to sell them. I created the very simple html web page with a Paypal buy now button, to my amazement I could not believe how well they sold. In the first two months I sold all the initial kits, so I ordered another round of kits and to this day we still sell them.

This is how the THOUGHT OUT…Company was initially started.

So today is somewhat a sad day, it is time for the scooter to go, but also a very positive one with all that this little yellow scooter has brought to me.

The listing

2004 Vento Triton R4 Scooter

Remote Start – 55-60 MPH -Alarm System

ebay # 320236595780

In Connecticut this scooter technically does not require registration. Even though this scooter was purchased and titled with a 49cc engine, to our surprise during the many upgrades listed below we found this model was built with the quality 100cc Yamaha engine from the factory. Driving as a fair day scooter, it is very clean. Extremely fast +55-60 MPH. Only Amsoil synthetic oil used for oil tank and transmission. mileage 1387. Includes all the non stock upgrades plus a custom cover and a matching full face helmet, unused (with cover) Continue reading →

My new toy – Victory Vegas Jackpot Premium

My new toy – Victory Vegas Jackpot Premium
Here is my new toy with stock pipes as it waits for the Swept Pipes being installed and delivered next week. Even though it is cold, I can’t wait!

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Where is Vinnie from American Chopper?

V ForceI can’t wait to see what Vinnie DiMartino starts to create at V Force Customs. I have my eyes on a Victory Vegas Jackpot, but if Vinnie can build us a motorcycle I like (and afford) I will be there.