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South Carolina and Convention of States

While DeSantis is rightfully getting a lot of constitutional conservative recognition, South Carolina’s governor Henry McMaster’s mission is on the right course too, not to lose a country. Please support your state and our country before you don’t recognize it!

See Something, Say Something

This is what I saw today.

4 of them standing a good distance apart, all looking ready to go into surgery. Not one of them talking to one another. Heads buried deep into $600 phones getting last minute updates of their vigorous day ahead.

They weren’t doctors, it was our nations kids being indoctrinated waiting for a school bus.

Is there any wonder why our country is the way it is? 

This is sad.

We Say Merry Christmas, What Say You…

We Say Merry Christmas Thanks to the Factor we are sporting this bumper sticker, We Say Merry Christmas. When we saw this bumper sticker was given out with the purchase of “Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity” Bill O’Rielly’s new book we had to have it, and the book is great too.

It really amazes me how many groups, organizations, governments and PEOPLE are so intimidated to wish someone their good beliefs, especially Christmas.  This country is built on around this belief, do some people not know this?

If someone wishes upon me their good beliefs I am okay with that and thank you for your good wishes, but I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS.

What Say You?

Connecticut Constitution Convention Campaign

Those of you from Connecticut need to vote YES on November 4th 2008 to have the Connecticut Constitution amended. The people are allowed to vote once every twenty years (and this is the year) on whether or not we the people want to have a convention. The convention would then allow the possibilities to have the Connecticut Constitution changed or amended.


  • Eminent Domain Reform
  • Immigration Reform
  • Lower Property Taxes
  • A Three Strikes Law
  • Ethics Reform (Overturn Same Sex Marriage)
  • Term Limits
  • Recall
  • And More!!!
  • Much More!

Connecticut Constitution Convention Campaign

And another good link about the topic