Happy 38th Birthday Mikey!

We celebrated Mike’s 38th birthday yesterday.  He received a couple of nice gifts if I might say so myself and we dined at the Outback which was alright.  The company and atmosphere was superb however the choice in food not so much.  We’ll get something different next time.

My birthday guy and our buddy wrapped up on the couch for their evening cuddling

A few other pics from the weekend blizzard . . . look how much snow fell on us!

And for good measure another picture of Scottie in his snow trail that his daddy so nicely snow blows for him.  He’d really have  hard time getting around otherwise.  Look how deep it is compared to his little body.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I’m so excited!  Here’s what our tree looks like . . . before we swiped her up at the tree farm.  She’s a little thing isn’t she . . . PERFECT!

A Mixed Bag

Our first snow fall of the season happened this morning . . . so pretty!

OK . . . this year we had two Thanksgiving meals.  Thursday we went to Michael’s dads and Saturday we went to my sisters.  Here are some photos from the events.  We’ll start with my sisters dinner first.

This is where you’ll typically find Mike . . . yep always working!

My mom . . .

My brother Scott . . . love the new beard/stash!

Our niece Shelbie who has the most beautiful blue eyes . . . She’s growing up so fast!

Our niece Isabella who is such a bundle of bouncy joy . . . simply adorable!

And we decorated their Christmas Tree (Bridget handed out the ornaments) . . .

Now onto Mike’s dads dinner . . .

Mike’s sister Crystal loving the turkey . . .

Mike’s sister Carla . . . we got a picture with both eyes open, amen!

Me with Crystal’s new puppy Chloe (such a sweet loving little puppy) . . .

LuLu (sweet mush pie)

And last but no least Charlie (he’s the alpha dog of this household) who’s growing tired these days . . . we love you Charlie!

24 Degrees & Fido Fleece

Who’d of thought we’d have January weather in November?  Then I remember “oh yeah, we live in New England so there’s no telling what weather is in store for us” which is one of the many reasons I call the northeast home and have no interest in living anywhere else.  So this was Scottie’s year for a new winter jacket or as the dog’s call em “Fido Fleece” and we found the perfect one for him.  It screamed Scottie Buddy Boy, it’s adorbaly cute, soft & warm.  Scottie and I excitedly made our purchase and dashed home to show Mike (dad) our great find only to be confronted with a response that went something like this “it’s alright, I don’t like the shade of blue”.  Well ba hum bug . . . we adore it and will wear it with furry pride.

On this 24 degree day with a wind chill factor of gosh must’ve been 10 degrees Scottie happily put on his bran new fido fleece and off we went to run errands.  He instantly did his business as usual but was then perplexed at why his crazy mother has decided to stand in the freezing cold taking pictures.  “Lets go mom, I’m freezing”.

His ears were flapping in the wind . . . LOL!

“Aaaaa . . . thanks mom for putting me into the warm car, now you get in here . . . lets go!”

Fido fleece is our favorite dog jacket of choice on the market today.  Although Scottie has his routine of reactions when we put his jacket on and it goes like this.  He’s very agreeable when putting his two front paws into the jacket but when we go to attach the velcro down his back, he goes nutz trying to bite and pull on it.  I think it’s cuz he’s crazy happy to be going bye bye and is showing his gratitude.  Funny little guy!

It is somewhat a sad day, but also a very positive one.

Back in the summer of 2004 I purchased this Vento Triton R4 Scooter after collecting on an insurance claim (it covered the cost because I repaired the damaged truck myself). After driving this scooter almost every day I could, and when weather permitted, it soon starting getting darker early in the day as the calendar year progressed. Along the year I found many other upgrades during my internet searches for this scooter, so of course I did these upgrades. The searches however fell short in finding a better and brighter headlight so that I could see easier at night. It seems Vento really missed the mark on the brightness of the headlight and nothing could be had anywhere to improve this headlight. I quickly realized that I would have to develop my own plan for this problem, so off I went. I created a very low cost but 30% brighter headlight and tail / brake light kit. The only draw back was I had to purchase parts for this kit in very high quantities. Needless to say I made these high quantity purchases while also thinking I could just sell them over time knowing that I had a few connections on scooter web forums that could be an outlet to sell them. I created the very simple html web page with a Paypal buy now button, to my amazement I could not believe how well they sold. In the first two months I sold all the initial kits, so I ordered another round of kits and to this day we still sell them.

This is how the THOUGHT OUT…Company was initially started.

So today is somewhat a sad day, it is time for the scooter to go, but also a very positive one with all that this little yellow scooter has brought to me.

The listing

2004 Vento Triton R4 Scooter

Remote Start – 55-60 MPH -Alarm System

ebay # 320236595780

In Connecticut this scooter technically does not require registration. Even though this scooter was purchased and titled with a 49cc engine, to our surprise during the many upgrades listed below we found this model was built with the quality 100cc Yamaha engine from the factory. Driving as a fair day scooter, it is very clean. Extremely fast +55-60 MPH. Only Amsoil synthetic oil used for oil tank and transmission. mileage 1387. Includes all the non stock upgrades plus a custom cover and a matching full face helmet, unused (with cover) Continue reading →

Talmadge House Snow Cruise

Brandi and I went for our first snow drive of the 2006-2007 winter. Actually it was the first snow day with my new Mazda CX-7 too, it handles great! We always like going out in the snow for something, I think we just like how quiet everything is. Well anyway enjoy the 14 minute clip and don’t forget to subscribe to the feed!

First Snow of 2007

First Snow of the Year 2007

Our first real snow of the year is coming in, I think we may get more than the forecasters are reporting in the old media (radio, TV, print). I been watching this myself and think it could either be a nasty mix of frozen stuff or just a lot of snow in general, 12 inches or more. I read Geoff Fox’s blog and you will read from his post why he is not really reporting all off what he thinks of the potential of this storm.