Words of Wisdom . . .

“I am not born to sit still and do nothing.  If I lose the game, it shall not be from not striving for it.”  Jane Austen ✏️

Entirely relatable for this girl!  That Jane Austen . . . she was one wise girl! ⭐️

Loropetalum, Ferns, Vines ~

Before and after not quite 4 years. Things certainly grow a lot here in Low Country…like year round!

Jane Austen Philosophy

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings” – Jane Austen 

Jane Austen’s philosophy in this quote has great merit in todays society. We’re all busy in this noisy world, but busy with what?  I’m reflecting on the busyness in my life and evaluating what is worthy of my time, and whether or not what I’m doing is making a difference in mine or someone else’s life. Wasted time on an abundance of frivolous busyness dampens the soul and deteriorates the quality of life and moral fiber of mankind.  When I look at our society and the excessive destruction of morality occurring, I see too much gluttony in all areas of living, which is destroying our families.

How about you, how does your busyness look?  Do you spend time on things that influence and change you and others in a manner that allows positive growth and thus effecting the moral fiber of your family and our society, or do you let each day blindly slip by, hoping the next day will be more fulfilling?

Image courtesy of Jane Austen public domain

USA, SC, Gadsden

Our newest setup! What do you think? Show us yours.

South Carolina and Convention of States

While DeSantis is rightfully getting a lot of constitutional conservative recognition, South Carolina’s governor Henry McMaster’s mission is on the right course too, not to lose a country. Please support your state and our country before you don’t recognize it!


Crepe Myrtle Forest – Bonsai 

About a year and half ago I took the seed pods from our front landscape fuchsia crepe myrtle and stuck them in a brown bag. The following early spring (which is the end of February in Bluffton SC) I put a few of the million seeds I had in little seed pots. Well, last year they grew and I got about Ian 80% success rate and now have about a dozen of them about 10 inches tall.  Some made it back into the landscaping and a half dozen made it into this new creation of a Crepe Myrtle Bonsai Forest. During the seedling process I got a lot of moss collected in the containers and that I used in this display as grass.  Next year the forest will be ready for a shaping, but it looks great today. It came out pretty good as my 5th bonsai, with today adding 2 others to my collection, all from seed or saplings.

Alabama Plays in Savannah Georgia 2021 – Melody Mix

Melody video mix of Alabama songs – Tennessee River, The Closer You Get, Dixieland Delight, and If You’re Gonna Play in Texas.  Alabama is the band that I worn out a few cassette tapes in my teenage years, and yes I do still have their first 5 LP’s and more, and one duplicate still with the plastic wrap on it. And yes, all the LP’s have the original southern, confederate, rebel flags on them (insert eye roll). This concert had special meaning to us because while I have seen them numerous times in the 80’s, however Brandi has never seen them. We actually had tickets for the last 5 years and for some reason or another it got cancelled or postponed. The tickets we used to finally see them this time in 2021 in our favorite city of Savannah had a purchase date of 2018! Well worth the wait, enjoy our experience.

Christmas in Dixie – Alabama – Savannah, Georgia – 2021

We waited 5 years to see Alabama between their various cancellations and postponements. We hoped that seeing them now in December we could be treated to this special song, live. What a memorable treat to catch!

From across the arena another audience member captured “Angels Among Us”