Christmas @ The Talmadge House

Our traditional Christmas Eve was nice as usual. My sister and her family were down in addition to my father-in-law, mother-in-law and Mike’s sister, Carla. We had lots of good food and great company to share during this festive time.

Scottie was up to his typical business with his preperation to look his cutest to ensure as many nibbles as possible. Grandma Carol would’ve fed him all night long but she was very good with restricting the nibbles :-).

Our cats Wilbur, Darcie and Pele hid out in their quarters. Actually Pele has found a new hiding spot when he’s scared, the litter box. Can you believe the darn cat curls up in there until the coast is clear. He’s a freak! LOL

Mike was up to his good old picture taking. This year for his birthday I gave him a new lens for the Canon so he was playing with that through the night and got some nice pictures. I must learn more about this fancy camera! My father-in-law was busy pulling his glasses in and out of his jacket pocket so he could see things . . . bifocals are in order for him . . . hehehe. Carla wasn’t feeling well this year but still made it of which we’re very happy for. Thank you Carla and we hope you’re feeling better!

Bridget was pulling recipes from me and filling my wine glass throughout the night. Thank you sis! Jeremy was relaxing and socializing with everyone. And lastly our little kins of the house, Kane and Isabella. They both were charmers to have as usual. Bella was so excited at the prospect of Santa Claus coming. Remember the gitty feeling we all had as kids when we knew Santa was coming the next day? Oh to be a kid again! So I have this little story about Isabella . . . she was so excited to open a gift and we told her that she may open a gift after we have dinner. So I’m at the tail end of preparing dinner and she approaches and asks me when she can open her gift so I tell her just as soon as we have dinner. She sweetly tells me that she just had her dinner (LOL) so I tell her once the adults are done she may open her gift. So a few minutes later I hear her ask Carol when she would be done with her dinner. I laughingly bring Carol into the loop on why Isabella has inquired about her dinner. Well just then Bella taps me on the leg and wispers to me “Brandi, I didn’t know that”. TOO FUNNY! . . . so sweet I could put her in my coffee! Anywho, I’ve rambled long enough. Hope everyone has a safe and celebratory New Years. See you next year đŸ™‚







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