Green Tomato Relish . . . Emm Emm

I was taken waaaaaay back to 1979 when I was a wee 7 years old living in Marathon, NY.  The smell of green tomato relish waffling through the air as I got off of the school bus and walked up our long dirt driveway to get home.  “Emmm I can smell it, momma’s been canning Green Tomato Relish” and I’d race off doing something childlike and forgot all about the relish.  But the smell, the unique look of it and merrily reminiscing the experience has stayed with me all these years.  Odd the things that take you back to yester years.

This is one of my strong childhood memories and I haven’t smelled nor have I had the opportunity to ingest it since I was a child.  That is until Thanksgiving this year my momma visited and oooohhhh she canned and brought a jar full of my childhood.  Well I opened it today and took a long deep breath and it smelled exactly as I remember.  Thanks mom!  And thanks dad for enticing mom into making it.  You see my mom had all these green tomatoes hanging out on the vine and my dad said to her that he sure could go for some homemade green tomato relish if she didn’t already have plans for them there tomatoes.  Right on dad . . . so thanks to you too!

Green Tomato Relish is surprisingly tasty on eggs of which I had this morning.  Thank you for reminiscing with me.


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