Jane Austen Philosophy

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings” – Jane Austen 

Jane Austen’s philosophy in this quote has great merit in todays society. We’re all busy in this noisy world, but busy with what?  I’m reflecting on the busyness in my life and evaluating what is worthy of my time, and whether or not what I’m doing is making a difference in mine or someone else’s life. Wasted time on an abundance of frivolous busyness dampens the soul and deteriorates the quality of life and moral fiber of mankind.  When I look at our society and the excessive destruction of morality occurring, I see too much gluttony in all areas of living, which is destroying our families.

How about you, how does your busyness look?  Do you spend time on things that influence and change you and others in a manner that allows positive growth and thus effecting the moral fiber of your family and our society, or do you let each day blindly slip by, hoping the next day will be more fulfilling?

Image courtesy of Jane Austen public domain

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