New Toaster Dilemma

Toaster Cream Toaster Chrome

Our 10 year-old counter top toaster oven caught on fire this past weekend so we’re in the market for a new toaster. We’ve decided we’d replace it with a traditional 2-slice toaster. No need for the little counter top oven any longer. So with a bit of research we’ve decided to purchase a dualit. Wow this toaster is the bomb! It’s hand built in England, the company has been in business for 50 years and the toasters have a vintage look to them. And these babies are built to last a lifetime . . . LOVE THEM! Now the dilemma is color . . . the classic steel or cream with a bit of classic steel? I have this fetish with the color cream. So my thought is as we replace our “starter” kitchen items with “lifetime” items I’d like them to match but I also want to be sure we’ll be happy with the choice for a lifetime. Both options will match my current lifetime cream colored items so I’m undecided with which choice to make. Will have to sit on this for a bit to make a thoughtout choice. ThoughtOut . . . ha! Your opinion is welcome, please leave a comment. 🙂


  1. Hey there Brandi & Mike…I know that this is all Brandi’s dilemma…because most men don’t care about all the little specific details just as long as the quality is there…so Brandi…this is for you…I’m totally in love with the cream w/classic steel toaster…very CLASSY yet RETRO…hey…the best of both worlds…keep me posted on your final answer…and by the way…way to go on winning the super bowl poll…the Talmadge House Rocks again!!!



  2. Ok here goes, I don’t care for stainless steel, a bit too modern for my taste. I keep my toaster out of sight, and pull it out when I need to use it. However if you are going to keep it out, please please please buy the beautiful cream one. It’s a beauty!!




  3. The style and color is your choice. Personally I like the retro look, not my style, but very neat. From what I can tell its well made with good ratings. It has all the realistic modern features including a bagel button which is a necessity if you eat bagels with onions our other things that catch on fire when they are right next to the burner. It is also made in a first world country where some 10 year old kids aren’t kicking them out for a few cigarettes a day.



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