Felt Cottages & other delectables

I spent the day yesterday doing one of the things I enjoy most in life . . . crafting.  Here is what awaited each of us at our assigned seats.  INDEED YUMMY stuff in that pie tin!  And I didn’t even get my bag filled with more delectables in this picture.

Charlotte Lyons hosted and taught a fabulous class on making felt cottage houses.  Here is one of her gorgeous master pieces.

Here’s mine . . . not nearly as fully decorated as Charlotte’s.  But these cottages are a work in progress.  You add to them here and there to your heart’s content.  I’m loving my choice in chimney construction, for sure buttons are a girls best friend especially in the cream color family!!!  Gosh I’m thinking I play it too safe with my choice in colors or lack there of!  I should let loose and craft something in a wild saucy color pallet.  Yeah I need a little sauciness added to my play it safe personality.

As if having the opportunity to meet and be taught by Charlotte Lyons wasn’t enough, we were served a delectable breakfast, lunch and snack by Charlotte’s good friend Suzanne who I just read is a former Vogue food editor and gourmet chef.  Oh my can she bake and cook all the while keeping her vogues on the down low.

Oh wait, one more thing . . . I won this as a door prize!  I was skipping with glee when my number was drawn for this piece!  It’s hand made by Elizabeth Williams who sells her goodies on Etsy.


  1. How adorable!!! And the answer to your question is NO WAY…well okay…If you really really want to…then I say go for it…but I love your style…and just for the record…i adore the door prize…Make sure that you wear it to work so I can check it out closely…and maybe borrow it…lol…just kidding.



  2. Hi- Just found your blog through Charlotte’s post about her felt houses. I couldn’t make her class (plus I live in Ca.- a little distance!), so I was looking forward to seeing what everyone made. Your’s is really adorable, i must agree w/the last comment! And how lucky are you to win that beautiful bracelet?! The photos from your blog and Charlotte’s look like you gals had an awesome time. It definitely looked cozy and fun. Thanks for sharing your love of felt houses!



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