Free Vintage Gift Tags

Ooo-la-la these are sooo pretty.  Sweet Jessie has given her readers a free PDF for these vintage gift tags which was worth sharing with my female readers.  Sorry guys Mike has to get to work with his manly postings.  Until then you’re stuck with me and HEY I don’t think that’s so bad and I’m sure you’d all agree wouldn’t you?  And listen think of the points you’ll earn if you printed these Vintage gift tags on nice cardstock and brought them home for your wives to use?  Mike would earn alot of extra credit points for that gesture.  So hop to it guys, get printing!

And a picture worth sharing of our baby sleeping while I was working for Thought Out assembling iPhone hands.  Such a good boy!  You can’t really see in the picture but his little head is actually laying on one of the metal hands.  He was comphie & content next to his mama and the warm wood stove . . . spoiled for sure!

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